Tanzania hiking and mountain climbing safaris

Hiking is one of the amazing activities you shouldn’t miss while on your safari in Tanzania. 

Tanzania Hiking Safaris

Did you know that Tanzania hiking safaris are amazing? Most people know Tanzania for its abundant wildlife, big national parks among which include the seven wonders of the world – Ngorongoro crater and its rich culture but little know that the best hiking safaris on the African continent are got from here.

Tanzania has one of the best hiking safaris in Africa. The country is a place you find the tallest mountain in Africa called Kilimanjaro. Mountain Kilimanjaro has its highest peak at an elevation of 5,895m. the country has mountains to hike such as Mount Meru, Ngorongoro crater, and Udzungwa mountains. If you are intending to hike any of the mountains in Tanzania, you can contact us and we arrange for you the best hiking safari in Tanzania.

Tanzania Hiking And Mountain Climbing Safari

Mountain hiking and climbing in Tanzania give you an amazing experience as it challenges you physically. The most popular hike in Tanzania is climbing mountain Kilimanjaro- apparently the highest peak in Africa. Are you ready for reliable physical challenges and nature-rewarding treks? Contact us to arrange for you the best hiking safaris in Tanzania to some of the country’s greatest attractions such as Mount Kilimanjaro.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Located in Tanzania, Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa with an elevation of 5895 meters above sea level. The mountain is dormant with three volcanic cones namely- Shira, Kibo, and Mawenzi. Hiking mountain Kilimanjaro takes 9-10 days with different stopovers along the way but at the summit are beautiful views of the dramatic volcanic massif and two main peaks Kibo and Mawenzi. The hiking starts with a briefing on the valleys of the banana plantations after which hikers join the porters, cooks, and the armed rangers to the summit of the mountain. There are different routes to the summit of the mountain and these are the Umbwe route, Lemosho route, Rongai route, northern circuit, and Marangu route.

Mount Meru

Mount Meru is located in Arusha national park and is the second-highest mountain in Tanzania after Kilimanjaro. Meru is a dormant volcano with an elevation of 4,566 meters making it the 5th highest mountain in Africa. Hiking to the summit of mount Meru can only take you 4- 6 days. Hiking mount Meru starts with a briefing after which armed rangers, cooks, and porters join the hikers to the summit with opportunities of seeing some forest animals, birds, and different vegetation types along the way. At the summit of Mount Meru rewards you with beautiful views of eth surrounding areas.

Ngorongoro crater

Ngorongoro crater is located in the highland regions of the Ngorongoro crater conservation area. Hikers to this crater encounter different wildlife species such as baboons, buffaloes, elephants, different bird species, and plants among others. Hiking Nyiragongo crater takes only 2 hours but if you enjoy the views oat the summit it can take more than that. While at the summit of Ngorongoro crater you can descend down to the lake which is 2.5 km from the summit. On the way to the lake, you will meet different animals and bird species and well as plants. After the lake, you can hike to the summit and descend back to the starting point.

Udzungwa mountains

These mountains are located in south-central Tanzania in Udzungwa national park. Hiking these mountains is worth it because of the most outstanding scenery and several wildlife species in the park. The hiking trails on Udzungwa mountains are so many but getting to the summit takes you 5 days with opportunities of meeting forest animals, birds, and different vegetation types.

What is the best time for Tanzania hiking safaris?

Hiking safaris in Tanzania can be done at any time of the year but the best time to visit Tanzania for hiking is in the dry season most especially in July to October because there is little or rainfall making the hiking trails dry and not slippery. It’s the same season that you can witness the annual wildebeest migration if you take a visit to Masai Mara national park as these animals be moving to and from Serengeti national park of Tanzania.

What to pack for mountain hiking?

Hiking is not as easy as you think, it requires one to be well prepared with equipment such as good hiking boots, a pair of gaiters, a waterproof warm jacket, long-sleeved clothes, gloves, sunglasses, backpack, drinking water, energy-giving snacks, towel, sleeping bag, headlamp, sunscreen, First-aid kit, insect repellents, crampon, face mask, sanitizer, neck gaiter, and camera with extra batteries.

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