Safety Of Gorilla Tracking In Uganda

The safety of gorilla trekking activity has enabled tourists coming to Uganda for a gorilla tracking safari

Safety Of Gorilla Trekking In Uganda

The safety of gorilla trekking activity in Uganda has called for a number of tourists to come and participate in the activity in the national parks of Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga National Park. The safety of gorilla trekking activity has enabled tourists coming to Uganda for a gorilla trekking safari to understand and explore the endangered mountain gorilla species lifestyle’s and daily activities like their feeding patterns. They take memorable picture as part of the rewarding activity.

Briefing session

Before being part of gorilla trekking activity, tourists are supposed to undergo a mandatory briefing session so that you are able to understand the regulations and rules plus the expectations of a gorilla trekking safari in Ugandan National Parks.  During the briefing session, you will have a chance to get knowledge on the regulations that you are supposed to follow during and after contact with gorillas so as to avoid mistakes that may lead to an accident. For example, during gorilla trekking, you are advised not to make direct eye contact to the gorillas since it may trigger them to come and challenge you because you are proving to them you a strong like the silverback hence fatally attacking you. It is therefore good for you to be attentive during the briefing session so as to ensure your safety during gorilla trekking in Uganda.

An armed ranger accompanies the tourist

An armed ranger is readily available to accompany the tourist as a form of safety for gorilla trekking in Uganda. The armed ranger is met to protect the tourist from fatal attacks of wild animals or poachers who are in the park. Having armed rangers besides you will make your gorilla trekking safari in Uganda safe and amazing.

Security checkpoint

Before entering the national parks of Uganda to participate in gorilla trekking activity, you will be expected to pass through a security check point. The reason for security check point is to make sure you do not enter the park with any security threat like cigarettes, firearms which pose a threat to the lives of gorillas and other tourists who are carrying out their gorilla trekking experience within the park. This will guarantee a safe activity in Mgahinga national park and Bwindi impenetrable national park

A knowledgeable guide

For gorilla trekking to be safe, it is advisable for a tourist to follow the lead of a guide so as to prevent oneself from being a security threat during Uganda’s gorilla trekking experience. You should remember that guides are provided with all the information you need to know about gorillas in the park. Secondly, you should remember these guides know the safest routes to use when doing gorilla trekking in any park in Uganda. Doing this will prevent you from being attacked by wild animals. Therefore, following the lead of guides enables you a safe gorilla trekking experience in Uganda because it is on record that these guides know what they do and on top of that, they are knowledgeable about the parks safest routes to use and you remain safe for gorilla trekking.

Regular patrols by rangers

Another way to make sure you safety is at maximum while gorilla trekking in Uganda is by the regular patrols done by rangers. These regular patrols in the park are met to ensure that the hiking trails are safe for all tourists to do safe gorilla trekking activity in Uganda. The patrols will make sure that the park is safe from threats like poachers who might be a threat to the safety of animals and also tourists.

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