Role of advance team during gorilla trekking

The advance team search for mountains gorillas in order to make your trek easier.

Role Of Trackers Or Advanced Team During Gorilla Trekking Bwindi And Volcanoes National Parks

Role of trackers or advanced team in gorilla trekking in Bwindi and Volcanoes national parks:  Gorilla trackers are a group of individuals who are trained by Uganda wildlife authority in Uganda or Rwanda development board in Rwanda. The trackers are well trained in allocating mountain gorilla movements each day. They start their job every day early morning and they always start from where mountain gorilla slept the previous night and follow their path for that day. Once they find mountain gorillas, they communicate to their respective park headquarters telling them of the whereabouts of the mountain gorillas using walkie talkies. From here the guides have information of where to find these gorillas and they start off their trek with tourists following the possible shortcuts to reach that specific habituated gorilla family.

Gorilla tracking is one the most done tourism activities in the world. Mountain gorillas can only be found in 3 countries in the whole world in 4 national parks. Uganda has more than a half of mountain gorilla population in the whole world in 2 national parks that’s Bwindi impenetrable forest national and Mgahinga national park, in Rwanda the gorillas are found in volcanoes national park and in DR Congo they are found Virunga national park. These are the only countries in the world where you can meet face to face with endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.

Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is a home to the largest number of 19 habituated gorilla families not found anywhere else in any of the remaining national parks. Every habituated gorilla family is visited by only 8 people per day per trek meaning that there are 144 gorilla permits that are available in the park everyday but you are advised to book a gorilla permit in advance due to high competition of gorilla trekking permits in Uganda.

Gorilla permits are quiet expensive but the experience is so amazing and worth it. Currently the gorilla permits in Uganda cost $700 for foreign non-residents, $600 for foreign residents and East African residents pay UGX 250,000, a gorilla permit in Rwanda costs $1500 and for the case of DR Congo its $450 per person per trek.  The chances of seeing mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable forest, Mgahinga and volcanoes national park is very high that chances of seeing the Mountain Gorilla on a trek are 95% and above so that’s where the gorilla trekking advance team comes in.

Role of trackers / advance team during gorilla trekking

As mentioned above, gorilla trackers are very important in tracking endangered mountain gorillas. Mountain gorilla trekking is hence very well organized and there are high chances of seeing mountain gorillas when facts are constant. Gorilla trekking needs one to be physically fit so as to fully enjoy the experience. For those that are sick, weak or old, we advise them to hire porters or sedan chairs to help them during trek.

The gorilla trackers are very important people and they should not be under looked since they are the first people to search for mountains gorillas in order to make your trek easier. Therefore, if you come across trackers, you can give a tip. Uganda wildlife authority has a central tipping box where you can place your tip. By tipping these trackers, you give power the guides and gorilla trackers to continue carrying out their day to today activity of searching for mountain gorillas since it is not easy task.

Africa Adventure Vacations encourages you to provide a tip that should be shared among gorilla trackers and guides. Tipping is not compulsory but an appreciation of good service provided by team. Please contact Africa Adventure Vacations for more information on tipping activity in Rwanda and Uganda.

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