Using Drones During Gorilla Trekking In Uganda And Rwanda

Can i use a drone to take photos and videos during gorilla trekking? No one is allowed to use a drone for any gorilla trek in Rwanda

How To Use Drones During Gorilla Trekking In Uganda And Rwanda?

How to use drones during gorilla trekking in Uganda? Drone technology has slowly become more available to travelers and the general public in the past years. Most of the drones have in built cameras with high quality which can be used to take beautiful aerial images and videos. However as drone technology becomes cheaper, the government around the world is worried about the drone misuse especially if they land into the hands of a wrong person. In Africa, the country wildlife authorities have become set strict rules on drones coming into the national parks. At first, the drones were made for spying purposes and it’s because of this that the military and other security agencies their use in the country.

National parks around the world haven’t allowed the use of drones around the park by tourists for several reasons. They worry about the effect of drones flying above gazzated wildlife conservation areas because animals could get stressed if the see them. There is a scenario of wildebeests which got scared by a drone while they were about to do a major river crossing in their yearly migration. The strange sit and noise that was coming from the drone sacred the wildebeests and this stopped them from crossing the river. If their numbers was bigger, it would have caused panic leading to their drowning.

Using drones in Uganda and Rwanda

Just like many African countries, Uganda and Rwanda have a run that states that visitors or travelers should not act in ways that affect wildlife in one way or another. The hissing noise from the drone might scare wildlife making them flee or get upset hence affecting the quality of your safari. Your fellow travelers are also affected by this action most especially when they miss out a very important animals sighting.

Use of drones in Rwanda- laws and permits

Drones can be imported and are allowed to be used outside national parks in Rwanda if you have a permit. When one obtains a permit they should be prepared to follow the rules and regulations governing them.

You should respect privacy of others while using the drone

You are not allowed to use drones at the airports

You are not allowed to use drones in large crowds of people

You should avoid using drones in military and government facilities

Note: the only people that can apply for permits in Rwanda are permanent residents and citizens of Rwanda. They can register the drones through the aviation authority of Rwanda. If you are travelling to Rwanda with a drone you must go through someone you know in the country to register your drone.

Using drones during a gorilla safari in Rwanda

Can i use a drone to take photos and videos during gorilla trekking? No one is allowed to use a drone for any gorilla trek in Rwanda because the government is does not allow anyone to use drones while trekking and observing mountain gorillas. During gorilla trekking briefing, rangers inform you on the best way to film gorillas without using drones. Photographing gorillas can only be done best using good quality cameras. A drone hissing above a gorilla family could scare them turning you into a threat.

Using drones during a gorilla safari in Uganda

Uganda accepts drones in the country fir security, commercial and recreational use as long as it’s cleared and you have a permit. The laws and regulations governing drones in Uganda are similar to those of Rwanda but with some differences. Citizens and non-citizens are allowed to apply for a permit directly to aviation authorities. Travelers who want to apply for a drone permit must first get clearance from Uganda defense forces. In both countries one must apply for a permit a moth before arriving into the country nd they are supposed to pay a certain fee for the approval.

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