Piswa Trail

Piswa is considered as the longest trail on mount Elgon

Piswa Trail Mount Elgon National Park

Piswa Trail Mount Elgon Uganda- Piswa is one of the four major climbing trails on mountain Elgon national park that take you to Wagagai peak. Piswa trail is considered as the longest trail and it takes a distance of about 49kilometers to complete the trip and also taken as the easiest and less strenuous trail to climb to the top of Wagagai peak.

The trail making it so much easier for mountain climbers, with beautiful views of the karamoja plains in Uganda and kapeguria and the Nandi hills in Kenya as well as viewing various wildlife animals. More so on this, the trail will give a chance of spotting a lot of bird species and hot springs on your way as you’re passing through Piswa trail.

Hiking Wagagai peak through Piswa trail begins from the northern part of Mount Elgon at Kapkwata gate at 2,190m near Suam on the border of Kenya and Uganda. Crossing through the wood plantation to podocarpus forest. The full hike takes 7 days when you’re returning using the Sipi trail while returning via Sasa trail is 6 days, all trails will offer you an amazing experience and unforgettable memories while at Mount Elgon National Park.

Also hiking Wagagai peak through Piswa is somehow difficult but it doesn’t need any special mountaineering skill and equipment than hiking other mountains like Rwenzori.

Besides hiking Mount Elgon, there are also many tourist attractions in Eastern Uganda that you can their other activities you can engage in after climbing like visiting Sipi falls which is also known as the most romantic falls in Uganda, with an unforgettable experience.  Nature hike to Sipi falls takes 1 day through Budadiri to the Mudange cliffs which are also named the Walls of Death on the boundary of the National Park. On your walk, you have an opportunity to see the black and white colobus, baboons, blue monkeys, and over 300 bird species.

Visit coffee plantations around Budadiri and interact with local members and you will play a great role in supporting the local farmers plus all community.

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