Nyakagezi Gorilla Group In Mgahing National Park

Mountain gorilla group is 98% DNA to humans and is endangered species that lives in tropical rainforest and in bamboo thick trees.

Nyakagezi Gorilla Group In Mgahinga National Park

Nyakagezi gorilla group inhabit from Mgahinga national Park. Mgahinga is found in Southwestern region of Uganda and protects half of world’s population of mountain gorillas.

Mountain gorilla  is 98% DNA to humans and is endangered species that lives in tropical rainforest and in bamboo thick trees.

Mgahinga national Park inhabits almost 80 mountain gorillas which is not the sake with other national parks. The park has 10 members that are migrants. These migrant members always travel to the DRC and Rwanda.

This gorilla family group settled in the Mgahinga Park in 2012. It has 10 members and 3 silverbacks. In 2013, good news were received that it had welcomed a new bouncing born baby thus increasing the family members to 11 in the group.

Nyakagezi gorilla group is led by silverback Mark and is the one responsible for the protection of Nyakagezi gorilla group.

Because this group travels all the time, you will book the gorilla permits of this very family at the headquarters of the park at Uganda wildlife Authority.

Have a chance to visit such a gorilla group which will give you a memorable experience of your life time. Each person is supposed to spend only 1 hour with every gorilla family. You will watch them do their daily activities in the wild like playing, trying to groom each other, displaying their nests and among others. This is the experience you would not like to miss with the human relatives

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