Are Mountain Gorillas Getting Extinct

Indeed mountain gorillas are getting extinct because of the increasing number of the local people in the national parks thus forcing mountain gorilla to go deep in the mountains

Are Mountain Gorillas Getting Extinct?

Are mountain gorillas getting extinct? Mountain gorillas are famously known as endangered species living in Africa. Mountain gorillas live Mgahinga National Park, Bwindi National Park in Uganda and Volcanoes national park in Rwanda, Virunga national park in Democratic Republic of Congo. 880 gorilla species are still existing in the whole world. Mountain gorillas are the largest group of apes with a large body and known as intelligent apes too because they are cousins of human beings with 98% DNA. Mountain gorillas are extremely going extinct because of the following reasons.

Indeed mountain gorillas are getting extinct because of the increasing number of the local people in the national parks thus forcing mountain gorilla to go deep in the mountains and they will be exposed to more danger.

When people find gorillas in their gardens, they raid and kill them and because of this, a huge number of gorillas are killed thus exposing them to their extinct.

Mountain gorillas are going to extinct due to the fact of political instability and wars in countries like Congo and Rwanda. When a country is at war, also mountain gorillas are affected by death thus their extinct journey.

There is a high rate of poaching and habitat loss of mountain gorillas and this will lead to the disappearing of the mountain gorillas in the region in less than ten years.

Ebola Virus that once spread to the apes family also contributed to extinct of these apes. Currently there is corona virus which is also said to weaken the immune of the mountain gorillas and sometimes leading to death.

Spreading of infectious diseases from humans to animals has also led to the decline of these endangered species and the commonest transmitters are the poachers, trekkers and local people. However the Uganda wildlife Authority and Veterinary doctors are trying their best in promoting the laws of protecting the mountain gorillas.

A good example, is that when you are suffering from any kind of infectious disease, you are not allowed to visit the habitats of mountain gorillas.

Deforestation has also contributed to the decline of mountain gorillas. The logging of timber has led to the cutting of many trees and the timber will be used for sale and the cut tree will be used for firewood thus forcing gorillas to further move into the forests hence getting close to more danger which will obviously lead to their extinction.

 Lack of awareness from the local people about the existence and importance of mountain gorillas to the community and the country at large has as led to its extinction. Poachers and local people just kill them without knowing their importance.

Some rangers are not well trained and the lack of trained ranger has also led to its decline. Rangers are meant to protect the mountain gorillas from any threat or danger, but when they are not well trained they end up becoming a real threat to them.

In conclusion, gorilla trekking is the best way to contribute to the increase and saving of the endangered mountain gorillas so as they should not be wiped off from the universe. Contact us and we help you to put together affordable gorilla trekking Safari in Bwindi, Mgahinga, Volcanoes and Virunga National Parks. You will have played your part in contributing to preventing the extinction of the mountain gorillas.

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