Active Volcanoes Located In DR Congo

Mountain Nyamurangira is just few kilometers from Mountain Nyiragongo

Mountain Nyamurangira In DR Congo

Mountain Nyamurangira is among the most active volcanoes located in DR Congo and is found 25km North of Kivu Lake.

Mountain Nyamurangira is just few kilometers from Mountain Nyiragongo and a lot of people were killed at Goma when the mountain erupted in 2002. It covers a land of almost 1500km2.

The mountain has so far erupted 40 times since the year 1885 thus becoming Africa’s most active volcano. The last eruption happened in November 2001 and January 2010. Its eruptions led to the formation of smaller volcanoes like the summit which lasted for short time.

Mountain Nyamurangira erupts every after 2 years with a large lava flow. Most active volcanoes create a serious risk to the life of the people who stay close to the environment.

The volcanoes are monitored and always studied on by the experts and they will tell you the period that the mountain is going to erupt and you will be told to stop all the activities.

In 2017, there was a lot of volcanism activity that was seen by the satellite images that was going on. In the year 2014 and 2016, there was an active volcano lava lake seen at the summit.

If you want to visit Mountain Nyamurangira, it is wise to plan your trip with a local tour operator because they are always updated with the security details of the area.

The largest part of the area is governed by the government however you need to be cautious thus you need to be in touch with the locals so as to get knowledge about the areas that are not reachable or which are under threat and the areas that are reachable.

Mountain Nyamurangira is among the 8 Virunga Volcanoes and you will have a hint on most of them as you are on this adventure. There are many wildlife that you will meet as you are on this mountain and some of them are mountain gorillas.

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