What To Pack For Gorilla Trekking Tour?

Most gorilla tours will always wonder what to carry for their next gorilla adventure after getting a gorilla permit.

What To Pack For Gorilla Trekking Trip?

What to pack for gorilla trekking trip?  Gorilla trekking is commonly known by most tourists worldwide that it is carried out in African parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo in Virunga, Rwanda in Volcanoes, and Uganda in Mgahinga and Bwindi. These national parks are found in the rainforests thus it requires someone who plans to do gorilla tours to carry comfortable requirements to avoid disturbance during the trekking.

Most gorilla tours will always wonder what to carry for their next gorilla adventure after getting a gorilla permit. Here are requirements that one needs when coming to the gorilla tours so come true and you should make sure that you plan accordingly to make it worth it.

Hiking Boots

One to enjoy gorilla trekking experience with no disturbance should carry hiking boots because some gorillas are staying in the mountainous areas like mountain gorillas so encounter them it needs you to hike and remember that these primates are always moving from one place to another when their searching for food. On your safari hiking boots is one of the most important things you should carry for your gorilla tracking safari.

Long-Sleeved Shirts / Blouse

Try as much as possible to put on the long-sleeved shirts, this is because some gorillas are staying in the big forests. During the tracking is too helpfully for you to put on long-sleeved shirts and trouser into the boots to avoid flies and insects in the forest which can affect your body.

Garden Gloves

These gloves will protect you from germs and reduce the risk of other infections that may affect you since during gorilla trekking activity you hold onto vegetation when you’re hiking. Therefore, always consider gloves as the important thing on this safari.

Rain Jacket

Most gorilla trekking visitors prefer to track gorillas during the dry season of the year but national parks where these primates can be found are rainforests therefore anytime it can rain in the dry months.

Consider having a raining jacket just in case it rains since these parks are in a mountainous area, you will not know the day it will rain.

Hat and Sun Glasses

It is also important to carry hats and sunglasses mostly in the dry months of the year, this is an optional thing during gorilla trekking but it is advisable to carry them to avoid disturbance.  They protect you from the light and heat.

Energy giving snacks

Sometimes gorilla trekking can take like 30 minutes and you find them depending on your lack on that day like in Virunga national park of Congo, Mgahinga gorilla national park of Uganda but in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park of Uganda and Volcanoes national park of Rwanda it very hard to find gorilla family within 30 minutes, it takes like 2-6 hours to meet them, therefore, you need to carry some energy drinks and enjoy your experience.

Cameras and extra batteries

Do not forget to carry a good camera and extra batteries for taking photos with these primates that to share with your loved ones when you’re back in your homeland. Please when you’re taking pictures make sure that your flash is off.

Pair of Binoculars

Apart from gorillas, there are also other attractions in the forest so it is important to carry binoculars with you so that you do not miss out on anything. Most especially bird lovers during gorilla trekking you will also get a chance to spot a lot of bird species.

Porters for your gorilla trek

Porters are also important during gorilla trekking since the activity involves hiking mountains so it is advisable to hire a porter who will carry your things as well as support you to hike.

Hiring a porter directly contributes to the development of the community by improving their standards of living because this money is paid to the community members.

Walking stick

A walking stick is also useful when carrying out gorilla tracking activity, it is supported when the trail is slippery. You can get this stick from your lodge or park headquarters.

Tourists stop blame the trip organizers because you also contribute to making your trek the most beautiful experience by considering to pack the important requirements for gorilla tracking as explained above.

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