Hike mount Mikeno

The best time to hike mount Mikeno is in the dry season when there are less rain falls.

Mount Mikeno In Congo Virunga

Mount Mikeno is an extinct volcano with an elevation of 4,437 meters above seas level, it’s a dormant volcano and second highest mountain among Virunga Mountains after mountain Karisimbi and the 13thh highest mountain in Africa. Mount Mikeno is found in DR Congo northwest of mountain Karisimbi and south of Virunga national park. Mountain Mikeno is famous for hosting the highest number of mountain gorilla and is part of the Virunga massif alongside with mountain Nyiragongo, mountain Karismbi, mountain Bisoke and mountain Nyamuragira.  In 1926, Carol Akelely a nature photographer died while hiking mountain Mikeno and was buried at Kabara the first campsite and reaching there takes you about 4 hours.

The word Mikeno is derived from a local word meaning “poor” and this is because its slopes are difficult to hike. The Mikeno summit is known for being the most difficult to hike from all the Virunga mountains. Getting to the top of mountain Mikeno is 8 hours and it is difficult but worth it as you can see the east African rift and the views are very breathtaking. On a regular basis, visitors come to mountain Mikeno to trek endangered mountain gorillas that stay on the slopes of the mountain.

Accessing mount Mikeno can be through Kigali city and its takes you about 3 hours to reach the border of Rwanda and DR Congo. There are also flights to Goma city. For any traveler to enter DR Congo, they must possess a yellow fever vaccination card and a Visa.

The best time to hike mount Mikeno is in the dry season when there are less rain falls. The dry season begins in June to august and again in December to February. The dry months are the best months to hike mountain Mikeno because the trails are dry. It’s easy to trek mountain gorillas during dry season and hiking is seamless. Mikeno Lodge is the most famous accommodation near mountain Mikeno and the lodge provides lodging services to visitor’s pre and post safari hike to the mountain.

Visitors to mount Mikeno can also participate in chimpanzee trekking in Ngungwe forest which is Africa’s living forest with the highest number of primates, primate watching in Gishwati Mukura national park, gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park and game drives in Akagera national park.

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