Hiking Mount Bisoke In Volcanoes National Park

Book your day itinerary with Africa adventure vacations to Mountain Bisoke

Hiking Mount Bisoke In Volcanoes National Park

Hiking Mount Bisoke – Visit Mountain Bisoke found in volcanoes national park Rwanda. Bisoke is part of the Virunga Mountains and is the 4th highest mountain shared by Rwanda and DR Congo. Bisoke Mountain is the most famous mountain hiking adventure in volcanoes Rwanda

The elevation of Bisoke Mountain is 3,711m on Rwanda side. Hiking Mountain Bisoke can only take you a total of six hours with the 2 hours down the starting point. Experienced hikers can hike to the top of Mountain Bisoke in just 3 hours or less and descend the mountain in only one hour. Hiking Mount Bisoke alone needs only 1 day Rwanda safari tour. Hiking Mountain Bisoke is very rewarding with a beautiful scenery and stunning views of other Virunga mountains and Rwanda’ hilly landscape, a cloud experience at the summit of the volcano. You can also see some unique mountain wildlife while hiking Mountain Bisoke. Visitors can go mountain gorilla trekking or golden monkey trekking in volcanoes national park with hiking Mountain Bisoke.

While hiking Mount Bisoke, you find a number of different unique plants and tree as you cross from one vegetation zone to another. The lower zone of the mountain has thick vegetation and softer grounds possess the larger challenge because of mud. Towards the top of the volcano you find the volcano naked with little vegetation and rocky terrain while makes hiking a bit easy. Throughout the hike you can have stop overs for resting as you enjoy the cool fresh air.  When you begin to get above the clouds as you approach the summit and pass through the fog you finally get to the summit when the crater is found. This Crater Lake is about 400 in diameter and 100 meters deep.

When you hike mountain Bisoke, you can spare time and have chimpanzee trekking in Ngungwe forest national park. Ngungwe forest is a home to the largest number of primates in Rwanda among which include the famous golden monkeys. Ngungwe forest is famous for the canopy walk experience the one of its kind in east Africa allowing travelers enjoy wildlife viewing above the canopies.

Book your itinerary with Africa adventure vacations to Mountain Bisoke leaving Kigali city in the morning and arriving in Musanze town at 0630 ready to begin your 1 day hiking experience to mount Bisoke.

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