Kenya Hiking Safaris

Kenya is blessed with several high mountains and beautiful landscapes

Kenya Hiking Safaris

Kenya hiking safaris and mountaineering adventure experiences are not only inexpensive but satisfying too. Kenya is blessed with several high mountains and beautiful landscapes that favor mountaineering and hiking safari experiences.

Kenya is located in the extreme end of east Africa bordered by countries like Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Somalia, and the Indian ocean. The country is gifted with so many attractions which include mountains, lakes, rivers, wildlife and culture and this have attracted thousands of people into the country every year. In Kenya, you find the mountain Kenya which is the second-highest mountain in Africa at an elevation of 5,199 meters. The mountain has been hiked by the most famous hikers in the world and everyone recommends it. Hiking mountain Kenya to the highest peak can take 5 days.

Mount Kenya is the second largest mountain on the African continent after mountain Kilimanjaro. It turns out to be one of the most common and famous mountains to hike in in Kenya. Various experienced hikers who have hiked this mountain highly recommend it. it takes you around 5 days to reach Lenana, the highest peak. Mountain Elgon is also another mountain for mild climbing experiences. This mountain is located in the western part of Kenya on the border with Uganda. The mountain has turned out to be a great place for hikers who want to moderate the level of mountain hiking difficulty. Contact us to plan your hiking safaris to Kenya today.

Hiking safaris and mount climbing adventures in Kenya

The climbing trails in Kenya are protected but easy to navigate through. Kenya has excellent hiking spots that reveal the true beauty of nature. Most of these spots are spread out in different national parks around the country.

Mount Kenya

Hiking mountain Kenya is very challenging but worth it when you make it to the highest peak at an elevation of 5,199 meters. Hiking mountain Kenya is mostly done through Naro Moru and Sirimon hiking routes but the hiking starts with a briefing then gathering at the starting point where you get to join porters, cooks, and an armed ranger to lead you to the summit.  Hiking Mount Kenya takes you through different vegetation types, spotting different park animals, and bird species.

Mt. Longonot

Mount Longonot is a dormant stratovolcano located in Mt. Longonot national park in Kenya above lake Naivasha. Mt. Longonot stands at an elevation of 2560 meters above sea level. Hiking mount Longonot starts in the morning with a briefing after which armed ranger guides, and porters join you for your hike to the summit. While hiking mount Longonot you have chances of meeting some of the park animals such as impalas, giraffes, buffaloes, gazelles, birds, and plant species. At the summit of Mt. Longonot, you have beautiful views of Lake Naivasha. Mount Longonot national park and the Great rift valley.

Menegani crater

Menegani crater which is located 8km away from Nakuru is the second biggest caldera we have in Africa but the biggest in Kenya. Hiking Menegani crater exposes you to the lush forest that is protected by the Kenya forest service. It also exposes you to different flowering plants, animals like the vervet monkeys, reedbuck, tree hyrax, different bird species among others. Hiking Menegani crater takes only one day and at the summit provides amazing views of Lake Nakuru and Lake Bogoria.

What is the best time for Kenya hiking safaris?

Hiking safaris in Kenya can be done at any time of the year. But if you want to hike in the best weather you should plan to visit the country from June to September and December to January that’s when you avoid the rainy season which makes the trails slippery. The weather is unpredictable if you hike in the dry season there are chances of no rainfall.

What to pack for Kenya hiking safaris?

Hiking any of the mountains in Kenya requires one to be well prepared with good hiking boots, waterproof warm jacket, long-sleeved clothes, gloves, sunglasses, backpack, drinking water, energy-giving snacks, towel, sleeping bag, headlamp, sunscreen, insect repellents, face mask, sanitizer, and camera with extra batteries.

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