Kamiranzovu Trail In Nyungwe Forest

There are 2 trail heads of Kamiranzovu which are found 0.7km off the main road.

Kamiranzovu Trail In Nyungwe Forest National Park Rwanda

Kamiranzovu trail in Nyungwe forest is roughly 5.9 km distance and it includes the orchid loop. The return journey takes 3 hours and hiking is moderate and there is no experience required for a visitor to have. Kamiranzovu trail in Nyungwe forest goes through Nyungwe’s wetland commonly known as Kamiranzovu marsh which is amazing geological formation. It has forested mountains, circular rim of lush and looks like the giant caldera which drains via the dramatic gap between 2 peaks.

On the other side of western that has an elevation of Kamiranzovu trail in Nyungwe forest, hikers always reach the various amazing vantage points and they enjoy the whole marsh which comprises of the outlets. It takes 3km to reach Kamiranzovu waterfall and it goes towards Lake Kivu, Congo River and Lake Tanganyika. Kamiranzovu trail in Nyungwe forest got its name from Nzovu (elephant) and Kamira (to swallow). This refers to elephants that used to roam at Nyungwe and sometimes it becomes trapped in the ooze of the marsh.

It is said that the last elephant last died in 1999 and the skull is spotted at Uwinka interpretation Center. Scientists use the DNA while sequencing and some various techniques to identify the closest cousins of the Nyungwe elephants and also explore the possibility of reinstating them to the forest.

The two Kamiranzovu trail in Nyungwe Forest.

There are 2 trail heads of Kamiranzovu which are found 0.7km off the main road. You take the 2rd trail head to the east and will reduce the altitude to 37m maybe if you wish to finish the loop. The route is very long too but good for marshing up with nice views. Using the 1st trail head will enable you to reach the marsh fast therefore if you want to use the shorter version of the journey is you using the 1st trail head as you are exploring the trail borders as you are watching plant life or birdlife and later comeback to the road.it all begins from the trail head 1 and it will end from the Orchid loop and it will be like 4km round trip. Hikers who want to do the whole Kamiranzovu trail, will save almost 0.5km if they bypass the orchid loop.

At the end of the hike, travelers can organize a pick up at the trail head or they may decide to walk back and go to the parked vehicle which is at the edge of the loop. There are 2 albertine rift valley bird species which can be found here and they include Albetine owlet and grauer’s rush warbler. For the latter, you may organize a trip to marsh during the night with the guidance of a guide, it is hard to see the owlet but yo have to hear its sound even when you are in a distance.

Far end of the northern side of the hike to Kamiranzovu trail which is in Nyungwe forest and the uwinka trail is found in the left. This links to Kamiranzovu trail to the reception of Uwinka Reception center compound and it is just few kilometers away. The trail goes through the humid thickets and it finally enters the wonderful rainforest again. As you are on the way, you will meet various views of the marsh. You will hear frog sounds when you stop as you are coming from the marsh trees. If you feel the marsh are nice looking for you, you can decide to go for Uwinka trail on your next line of the hike. It is a fascinating trail that is carried out at the height of Uwinka ridge and ends at Kamiranzovu trail. Viewing from the elevation offered by Uwinka trail are so amazing and beautify the park.

Travelers who come to Nyungwe forest have got a lot of activities they participate in mostly the chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda plus the canopy walk experience. Those who wish to explore more than Nyungwe forest, you can try mountain gorilla trekking in Volcanoes national park since Rwanda is blessed with these amazing creatures. Most of the visitors love to visit Akagera National Park and see the amazing 5 big mammals.

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