The Size Of Nyungwe Forest In Rwanda

The size Nyungwe forest national park has been reduced from 1,140 kilometers to 970 sq.

The Size Of Nyungwe Forest National Park In Rwanda

The size of Nyungwe forest national park is about and it receives an annual rain of over 2000mm. The park is among the oldest rainforest national park in the continent of Africa. With dense Afromontane forests, grasslands, swamps, and bamboo-covered slopes, and Nyungwe forest is well known as a national park in Rwanda best for chimpanzee tracking which is complimented with a Canopy walk experience.

The size Nyungwe forest national park has been reduced from 1,140 kilometers to 970 sq. kilometers squared, and this caused by fires, hunting of animals, woodcutting, small-scale agriculture and encroachment by local farmers around the park.

Nyungwe forest in Rwanda was first declared as a forest reserve in 1903 by the German colonial government then by the Belgians, with restrictions on clearing. Then in 2005 it was turned into a national park and is among the few remaining tropical mountainous rain forests in Africa. It is found in the Southwestern part of Rwanda which inhabits over 13 primates species which includes the habituated chimpanzees, l’hoest monkey, red tailed monkeys, Rare Angolan colobus monkey, baboons, owal faced and many more.

The park has several activities with an amazing experience that can’t be found in Rwanda or anywhere else. It takes only 4-5 hours from the capital Kigali to reach Nyungwe forest which makes it easy to combine with other destinations across Rwanda. This park is popularly known for trekking chimpanzees and guided nature walks, with the size and difficulty of the walk tailored to every tourist. Exploring by foot gives you a big opportunity to view the beautiful parts of the rainforest, lush green mountains and passing waterfalls

Since the size of  Nyungwe Forest has been reduced, the Park works closely with the local members, implements an effective law enforcement strategy, and restores and protects wildlife to make sure that the long-term social, ecological, and economic sustainability of the park. Its remarkable mountainous topography and unique biodiversity make Nyungwe forest national park globally unique than others and give it a vast potential with sufficient investment to emerging as one of the most tourism national parks in Africa.

Rwanda is truly a blessed country with many different places to visit including the Volcanoes National Park which among the 3 destinations where tourists can go for the special mountain gorillas and golden monkeys. It is also among the best parks which attract a lot of visitors to visit Rwanda for a gorilla safari, one of the remarkable experiences you will never forget in your entire lifetime. You can also visit Akagera National Park with a wonderful experience which including the night game safari, fishing safaris and boat safari in Rwanda.

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