Hiking Mountain Muhabura/Muhavura

Mountain Muhabura is the third tallest mountain in Uganda with a height of 4127 meters.

Hiking Mountain Muhabura/Muhavura

Are you looking for Hiking mountain Muhabura/Muhavura experience? Uganda is the most beautiful country among all east African countries and that’s why it’s called the pearl of Africa. Uganda has a lot of hills, lakes, mountain, rivers and beautiful scenery.

Muhabura is an extinct volcano mountain and one of Virunga Mountains on the borders between Rwanda and Uganda. Mountain Muhabura lies partly in volcanoes national park in Rwanda and some part in Mgahinga national park of Uganda.

For mountain climbers you should worry less. There is a mountain in Kisoro district to hike or can even be accessed by a car. Mountain Muhabura is the third tallest mountain in Uganda with a height of 4127 meters. Hiking mountain Muhabura gets you to see the fantastic views of the surrounding countryside as well as wildlife including mammals, birds and primates. Though most travelers hike mountain Muhabura after a gorilla tour in Mgahinga national park or volcanoes national park in Rwanda. Independent hikers can also hike Mountain Muhabura.

Getting to Mountain Muhabura/ Muhavura

It’s about an 8 hour drive from Kampala to Kisoro where the mountain is located. You might choose to hire a car or use public means like buses.

When you arrive Mountain Muhabura/Muhavura

When you get to mountain Muhabura, Uganda wildlife authority guides will come running out to you then will then take you to the visitor’s center and you will be assisted as requested. After paying for hiking activity you will then be given a guide up to the top of Mountain Muhabura and if you have luggage you can request for a porter at an extra fee. You hike the mountain as you enjoy the scenic view of Democratic republic of Congo, Uganda as well as Rwanda.

The name Muhabura in Kinyarwanda means sentinel. The hike takes you a full day. The hiking fee are currently USD 75 per person per day which includes the park guide. Trekking begins at around 7:00 am in the morning from the park headquarters in Kiningi from where hikers’ will have to be driven to the mountain.

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