Mountain Bisoke Hiking

On your safari in Rwanda, you will have to walk along steep slopes to hike mountain Bisoke which is fully covered by equatorial rainforest and alpine meadows.

Mountain Bisoke Hiking In Rwanda

Are you looking for mountain Bisoke hiking and climbing experience in Rwanda? Well, Africa Adventure Vacations will get you covered with a number of travel experiences to different destinations in the country. Mountain Bisoke or Visoke as sometimes referred to by Rwandese is one of the Virunga mountains ranges that is found in the albertine rift region on the western side of the great east African rift valley. It’s a dominant volcano mountain having a carter lake on the top and is located next to Lake Kivu at the same time inside volcanoes national park at the democratic republic of Congo and Rwanda border. Therefore mountain Bisoke can be accessed from Virunga national park of the democratic republic of Congo.

On your safari in Rwanda, you will have to walk along steep slopes to hike mountain Bisoke which is fully covered by equatorial rainforest and alpine meadows. Around Mountain Bisoke you can find endangered mountain gorillas and Karisoke research center founded by late Dian Fossey an America primatologist who was murdered and here body thrown in the cabin in volcanoes national park

How high is Mountain Bisoke?

Mountain Bisoke is 3711m above sea level, Mountain Bisoke is not a snow capped mountain but it’s often covered by fog. The mountain has a conic shape you can always expect from a perfect volcanic mountain with its crater occupied by water forming a crater lake.

Hiking Mountain Bisoke crater.

Hiking Mountain Bisoke takes around 4 hours to get to the top of the mountain and 2 hours to slope down the mountain but experienced hikers and take just 3 hours to climb up the mountain and one hour to slope down. This hiking activity starts at 7am after briefing at kinigi office where a park ranger is given to a group of hikers and these are usually local people from around Bisoke Mountain who know well routes. After briefing, hiking starts at 8:00 am and you can go with a porter if you need one and hiking gears are given to you.

Those interested in hiking should get to know that hiking is not tough though inexperienced hikers might get hectic because of Mountain Bisoke high elevation which needs you to have so much energy to climb and walk through the whole excursion. This might be a whole experience depending on how frequently you are pausing and your speed but at the end of it, you will notice it was worthwhile.

There are two cones on the northern side of Mountain Bisoke, 11 km away from the peak and these were formed as a result of eruption that took place in 1957. Also hikers should never miss walking along the crater edges, visit Lake Ngezi which is a shallow and small lake. While hiking Mountain Bisoke you will see different vegetation covers starting with bamboo forest from here you will climb higher through the Hagenia- Hypericum forest and to the top where you find senecio- lobelia bush and at this point you will be very near to the peak.

After gorilla tracking in volcanoes national park in Rwanda you can go for Bisoke mountain hike. Reservations should be made early so that necessary arrangements are done and if you’re trekking gorilla it’s advised you books 3 months before the actual activity. Hiking Bisoke Mountain costs USD 75 per person per day and this fee includes a well-trained guide hired per day

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