Flights to Bwindi Forest National Park

Flights to Bwindi begin at 7:30 am and it arrives to the headquarters of the park at 9:45 am.

Flights to Bwindi Forest National Park

Flights to Bwindi Forest National Park: The park is found in the south western parts of Uganda and is about 530 kilometers from Kampala the capital city of Uganda.

Aero link is responsible to organize airport transfers to gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable National park. It flies you through the Uganda to the two gorilla trekking destinations.

Two flights are available to fly you for 1 and half hour from Entebbe international airport to Kihihi airstrips and then to Buhoma sector of Bwindi.

Fly schedules,

Flights to Bwindi Uganda begin at 7:30 am and it arrives to the headquarters of the park at 9:45 am. When a traveler arrives in Uganda during afternoon hours, he will depart from Entebbe and arrive at Kihihi in just one hour.

When coming from Bwindi Impenetrable National park, the flight that leaves at 9:45am from Kihihi, it will arrive at 11:55 am at Entebbe international airport.

The tour operator that is in touch with you for your gorilla trekking safari is the one in charge to check the availability of flights as soon as you arrive in the country. We have drivers and vehicles that will pick you up from the airport on arrival and take you to the booked lodge

Even when you reach Kihihi, the driver with our vehicle will pick you up and also take you to the booked accommodation facility.

Air transport may combine Murchison falls national park, Queen Elizabeth national park and Kibale National park.

On arrival to the country, our drivers and guides are available to take you to the various destinations within the park and some of these include; birding, game drives and among others.

For Queen Elizabeth national park visitors, the flight will land at Mweya airstrip and for tree climbing lion lover visiting Ishasha sector, the flight will land in Kihihi.

For the sake of visitors visiting Murchison falls national park, the plane will land in the south sector of the park of Bugungu and also at Pakuba in the north of the park for domestic flights. Murchison falls national park and Kidepo national park can be combined too.

Schedule For Domestic flights / fly In Safaris By Aerolink Uganda

AM Flights
7 AM Departure time:

EBB-Kisoro airstrip: EBB – Kisoro*- Kihihi – Mweya – Kasese – Semliki* – Depart 07:00 hrs from Entebbe.

Kisoro – Kihihi – Mweya Kasese – semliki* – Entebbe: – Departure- 08:25am from Kisoro.

Mid Morning flight daily except April, may November

EBB – Mbarara – Kihihi – Mweya – Kasese – Semliki* Departure 10:15 hrs from EBB

Kihihi – Mweya – Kasese – Semliki – Mbarara – EBB: Departure 11:40 hrs from Kihihi Airstrip.

PM Flights (Service from Entebbe may route via Murchison falls national park subject to loads)
EBB – Kihihi – Mweya – Kasese – Semliki* – Departure 12:00 hrs from EBB

Kihihi – Mweya – Kasese – Semliki* – EBB – Departure 14:55 hrs from Kihihi

Jinja to Kihihi/ Kasese/ Mweya/ Kidepo flight on request at a surcharge of $950

Aerolink do not operate to Kisoro on schedule in PM Flights, only 07:00hr from EBB

Semliki flight requires minimum of 4 pax

Murchison falls national park (Pakuba, Bugungu and Chobe airstrips) Daily flights

EBB – Pakuba/ Chobe/ Bugungu ( minimum 4pax) Departure 12:00 hrs

Pakuba/Chobe /Bugungu – QENP*/ BINP* (Minimum 4pax) Departure 13:15hrs

Pakuba/ Chobe/ Bugungu – EBB (Minimum 4pax) Departure 13:15hrs

Kidepo Valley National Park (Apoka Airstrip) Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

EBB – Kidepo (Minimum 7pax) Departure12:30hrs

Kidepo – EBB (Minimum 7pax) Departure 15:00hrs

Aerolink operates Charter flights, if the their schedule flights do not meet your travel requirements.

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