What should I pack for a fishing trip in Uganda

One to have a successful fishing trip without any disturbance must carry all necessary supplies like spare batteries and camera

Fishing Trips And Safaris On Lake Victoria And Nile River In Uganda.

Are you interested in fishing trips and safaris for Nile perch, catfish, tilapia, and tiger fish on Lake Victoria and Nile river?  Uganda is the best option for tourists who are looking for a fishing destination in Africa. A third of the country is covered by water, which gives a great opportunity to the Anglers who like to do sport fishing. Sport fishing in Uganda is carried out on Lake Victoria in Entebbe and on the Nile River in Murchison falls national park. Lake Victoria and Nile River are commonly known as the best sport fishing areas for the huge Nile perch in Uganda. Nile perch of about 50kg have caught on the Lake nearby islands and Nile River have been producing a Nile Perch of about 100kg from below the falls. You can also catch other fish species apart from Nile perch and these include Tilapia, Tigerfish, catfish of over 50kg, Ferocious fighter and worker.

How is sport fishing done on Lake Victoria?

Fishing on Lake Victoria is done near local islands for just like 45 minutes boat trip from Entebbe and it also depends on the weather on Lake and how the fish are biting.

How is fishing trips done in Murchison Falls?

On the Nile River in Murchison falls, sport fishing is usually conducted in the areas below the falls. From either below the waterfalls in the pools from a boat or the rocks around the bank of the river.

On the Nile River in Murchison falls Nile perch and some catfish are normally caught by using live bait and casting lures while on Lake Victoria the most using fishing method is trolling with a motorized speed boat and it used with Lures.

Yes, if you are wondering about the maximum and minimum required  number of anglers on a boat for fishing safaris and trips in Uganda;  One person is possible for the minimum but the maximum on a boat is supposed to 4 anglers and they must be experienced but the recommended number of anglers on a boat is 2.

A guide for Fishing trips and safaris in Uganda.

A well-trained fishing guide is required on Murchison falls to assist anglers and ensure that they are safe in this adventurous destination and have a successful fishing trip. You may be experienced enough to challenge the Nile by just hiring a boat and skipper but for sake of your life, it is very important to have a local professional fishing guide to accompany you and get a successful fishing trip. Mostly when it is your first time fishing in Uganda.

What is included on the fishing permit in Murchison falls? Well, the fishing permit in Murchison falls national park include the use of the boat on the Nile plus a well-trained fishing guide service, drinking water, lunch, fuel and use of fishing equipment but it is for 100USD and you have to pay before the departure though this is refunded to you after the activity if there is no damaged equipment.

What is excluded on the fishing permit? The park entrance fees in Murchison falls national park goes for 40USD per person each day then fishing on the Nile River is for 50USD per person for 1 day and 150USD per person for 4 days, these fees are paid directly to Uganda Wildlife Authority(UWA).

Any risks while fishing on the Nile River? Tourists on the Nile River in Murchison falls national park is always advisable to avoid putting out their feet and hands from the boat because the Nile is also a home of dangerous animals like hippopotamus, crocodiles and many more. Apart from that, there are no many risks on the Nile

What other activities to do on fishing trips or safari in Murchison falls? After fishing before leaving you can do a game drive in the park which will allow you to watch a lot of wildlife animals like buffaloes, giraffes, elephants and among others, bird lovers this park is also best for you.

The best time for fishing trips and safaris in On Lake Victoria And Nile River Uganda

Fishing in Uganda is carried out throughout the year but generally, it is best during the driest season of the year that is from June-August and December-February when there is little rain which makes fishing excellent. In Uganda, we catch fish all year round though from March-May and September, it is a rainy season and it is good for tourists to book a fishing safari in Uganda because the rainy season makes fishing difficult.  You can also contact us for more information about the best time for a fishing safari in Uganda.

What should I pack for a fishing trip On Lake Victoria And Nile River in Uganda?

One to have a successful fishing trip without any disturbance must carry all necessary supplies like spare batteries and camera, mosquito spray, cigarettes since there are no shops in the national park. we suggest you can carry as much as possible sun protection such as sunglasses, hat, creams, hiking safari boots are used especially for shore fishing from the rough rocks, long-sleeved trousers and shirts, light-colored clothes for fishing are good because they less attracts the tsetse flies than black dark or blue which attracts them, a sweater for the evening is very important for you and a lightweight rain jacket.

How Getting to Murchison falls national park for sport fishing safaris and trips.

Using 4×4 safari vehicles to Murchison falls national park in the Northwest parts of Uganda will take you for about 6-7 hours’ drive via road from main city Kampala. You can also take a scheduled flight from Entebbe international airport to Pakuba airstrip in the northern parts of the Nile River which will take only 1 hour.

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