Camping In Lake Mburo National Park

Kingfisher campsite and Lake Mburo campsite are rustic and aware of encounters that happen with wildlife and hippos are the common ones.

Camping In Lake Mburo National Park

Camping in lake Mburo national park  is well presented by the act of living in tents during holidays, safaris, tours or other purposes. Because of camping in Lake Mburo, a lot of camping companies have decided to work with Lake Mburo to have more comfortable rest on the camping sites that have been setup. Lake Mburo’s visitors love camping their because of the amazing environment in the park.  You will find 350 bird species that are playing in the sky and some of the birds seen are falcons, bee-eater, pelican, African finfoot, and heron. You will see mammals in the park too and you will watch beautiful sceneries in the park.

Lake Mburo is a home of different bird species, animal species, amazing sceneries, lakes and among others.

Lake Mburo has campsites that are established by the Uganda wildlife Authority.  Lakeside campsite is the best among the 3 campsite. The campsite covers 1.25 kilometers.

Lakeside camp is closer to the park’s headquarters and due to this strategic location many people have made used of it. The camp has a lake side restaurant where the visitors will have lunch.

Kingfisher campsite and Lake Mburo campsite are rustic and aware of encounters that happen with wildlife and hippos are the common ones.

Lake Mburo has Mantana tented camp. The campsite has an amazing view of the lake and you will be excited by view of crocodiles and hippos on the sides of the lakes. There is mid-range accommodation at the campsite and you will enjoy the blue waters of Lake Mburo.

Camping in the lake mburo is mainly influenced by wildlife and some of the wildlife animals are always seen during the day and at night time. During the camping time, you will refresh your mind on how nature behaves at night. Some of the animals to be viewed are leopards, hyenas, zebras and impala and you will look at them closely during the night.

Rwonyo rest campsite is also found on the grounds of Lake Mburo. The campsite is under the operations of Uganda wildlife Authority. A number of tents are available at Rwonyo rest camp that favor camping activities in the park. Cabin bands are available. There is wonderful accommodation at the camp and the no more costs for enjoying the amazing experience at Rwonyo rest camp.

Leopard rest camp is also found in Lake Mburo. The location of the camp is strategic and the view for wildlife is amazing and you will watch animals being grazed and resting at the camp.

Lake mburo luxury tented camp   is found in the park and suits budget accommodation. Lake Mburo luxury tented camp has amazing style of camping activities and it is classic in nature.

There is wonderful climate that enables camping to continue effectively without any disturbances at the park.

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