Nature Walk in Lake Mburo National Park

From Rwonyo, you will walk towards salt licks where you will spot various animals busy licking salt and this attraction is because of salty rocks

Nature Walk in Lake Mburo National Park

Nature walk in lake Mburo national park: The park is not a home of predators like lions and because of this the park is free for nature walk. Uganda wildlife Authority is in charge for the management of the park and they give you ranger guides to help you during nature walk. From Rwonyo, you will walk towards salt licks where you will spot various animals busy licking salt and this attraction is because of salty rocks. These animals really enjoy the salty rocks and you too you will have a great experience.

Lake Mburo’s nature walk pass you through various areas of the park. The walk is expected to begin at 7am and you will walk towards the western side of the lake and obviously it will take you 2 hours to have spotted various wildlife species that live in the areas of Lake Mburo national park. Some of the spotted animals are hyenas and in the morning you will notice hyenas returning to their dens and also you will see hippopotamus returning to the lake.

The nature walk will pass you via the woodlands where you will have a chance to spot mammals and forest birds flying over the forest and this spotting is easy through nature walk. During the nature walk, you can walk towards the top of the hill and you will view clearly the 9 regions and also the 14 lakes that are located in Lake Mburo national park once you are at the top of the hill. Automatically this improves your sighting nature.

Lake Mburo nature walk always pass you through Rubanga forest and walkers are provided to the forest to improve bird sighting and company rangers can arrange the visit for you in the forest. You are advised to book in advance since nature brings to the most amazing experience because it is well known that nature creates the difference. As your busy on this nature walk believe me you will have to spot animals like impalas, zebras, hippopotamus, crocodile, eland, giraffes, over 350 bird species, and among others.

Breakfast is offered to the walker at Lake Mburo and you will take it with the Uganda wildlife authority ranger. After you breakfast, you will be given clothing’s and other equipment that help you in this kind of activity so that you can keep health without meeting any problems when participating in this activity in the park. A picnic lunch box, 2 liters of water are some of the equipment’s that you should be with as you’re going to hike in Lake Mburo. You have to sit with them as your relaxing on the ridges of amazing view of the nature.

An armed guide from Uganda Wildlife Authority will take you through all the nature walk parts of the park. During the nature walk you will meet closely hyenas returning back to their dens after a busy night and as you continue your nature walk, you will meet hippos that are coming from night grazing as they return back to Lake Mburo from a busy night and also to cool their bodies from the broad day sunlight. During the nature walk, you will meet zebras, elands, giraffes, topis, birds, antelopes, buffaloes, and butterflies. You can also decide to walk to the top of the hill so as to have a full view of Lake Mburo and its surroundings.

Do not miss Lake Mburo nature walk because they are exciting with real nature like listening to the sound of birds that are busy playing in the sky of the forest and Lake Mburo. The sky is not polluted with poisonous fume but it is polluted with bee-eaters, eagles, pegons, woodpeckers, falcons, and much more. These beautify the park and make it a unique site, you are advised that you should not miss the nature walk of Lake Mburo national park due to all nature that conquers during the walk

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