Bat Caves In Maramagambo Queen Elizabeth National Park

A visit tour to Maramango forest without having a glimpse at the bat cave is not worth the experience you would get compared

Bat Caves In Maramagambo Queen Elizabeth National Park

Bat caves in Maramagambo Forest in Queen Elizabeth National Park is the perfect destination for hiking and nature walk safaris in addition to exploring the best adventurous crater lakes found in the forests.

Maramagambo Forest National Park is a popular destination that is well known for bat caves in the whole of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Placed and situated under the shaded canopy of Maramambo forest is well placed the Bat cave. The bat cave place was well designed with a clear viewing platform to call it a room that would enable the visitors to see the bat in their cave from the distance. The bat cave is also associated with the python which is normally spotted around this bat cave as it tries to feed on these bats.  Visitors can as well do a lot of several other activities including the cultural community experience of the Nyanz’ibiri community.

A visit tour to Maramango forest without having a glimpse at the bat cave is not worth the experience you would get compared to when you have experienced this magnificence structure of the bat cave. Remember, it was said that it from this bat cave where the Dutch tourist contract acted the Marburg virus a which led the to the closing of this destination until the American center for disease control set a room that enables visitors to watch the bat caves at a distance without close contact and since then the bats caves have come out to be one of the star attraction in Maramagambo Forest.

The Maramagambo forest other than the bat caves presents a cultural attachment to the people of the Ruburizi and Bushenyi districts. From the historical perspective of the local people, it is believed that the Maramagambo Forest got its name from a group of young people who wondered who had gone to the forest and never returned for some days but when they returned they were shirked and could hardly speak any word and from the local community perspective they decided to call the forest Maramagambo meaning that the forest swallowed all the words form the young men.

Visitors to Maramagambo Forest will as get interesting stories about the Nyazibiri community village which the ancient people used to take as a holy place where they would pay sacrifices and go for blessings, people even up to now believe that the place cleanses all the misfortunes from the people once you believe in it. Pleases take a short tour to this community for cultural wonders as you will get an explanation from the expert inform local experienced guide.

You can as well go for other different activities in Maramagambo forest which include the Forest guided nature walks, the primate viewing safaris, birds-watching safaris, community village tours among others many other activities. You can as well base from here to Ishasha for tree-climbing lions, Kazinga channel in Mweya for Boat cruise safaris, and Kasenyi plains for safari game drives. Queen Elizabeth is one of the wonderful packs in Uganda where you will explore a variety of wonders as it is named the Medley of wonders.

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