Amazing Attractions in Congo

DR Congo is among the few blessed countries in Africa that host Mountain Gorillas.

Amazing Attractions in Congo

The following are some of the fascinating attractions that you never knew about DR Congo and they feature a number of tourist activities during holiday safaris in Africa

Music is its biggest export

This is the amazing thing in Congo. During the 90’s Congolese music was the most listened solo music in the entire Africa. Musicians like Koffi Olomide, Papa Wemba and Werrason were a big deal and the stars of all the time.

Kinshasa is famous for French-speaking city.

The city is full of French speaking people and is said to be the 2rd French biggest city right after Paris. It is said the city has a population of 10 million people thus competing with the cities in France.

Brazzaville and Kinshasa are the world’s closest capitals

Kinshasa and Brazzaville are divided by Congo River and is the 2rd longest river which stretches to about 5km.

Locals eat mayonnaise and other things

The Congolese people are still living to the works of the Beligian colonial rule by depending much on mayonnaise on most things. They include meat, fish, fried plantains, manioc, peas and salad and many others.

The wildlife is extraordinary

Okapi is among the few endemics of DR Congo. Congo also habits the endangered mountain Gorillas. The specie concentration marks it to be the 2rd in the world.

The Congo is no longer disturbed by the Ebola virus

People have always misunderstood that DR Congo is affected by Ebola Virus. The truth is that Congo is also free from this disease.  Ever since the 1995 Ebola outbreak that had killed about 200 Congolese people, the Country has tried to manage the other outbreaks very well.

Eastern Lowland Gorillas and Mountain Gorillas 

DR Congo is among the few blessed countries in Africa that host Mountain Gorillas. The other parks are in Uganda and Rwanda of which both are in East Africa. In DR Congo you will see the mountain gorillas from Virunga National Park and gorilla trekking is amazing in this area.

DR Congo also has unique gorillas known as eastern lowland gorillas and they are spotted in Kahuzi Biega National Park.

The Congo contributed a lot to World War II

The uranium that is said to have been used in manufacturing atomic bombs during the world war 11 was got from Shinkolobwe mine which is found in Katanga province.

Shinkolobwe has been closed for good years since 2004. But private miners are still trying to continue eking out a meager existence for what they can try to extract on their own.

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