Mountain Rwenzori Climbing Safari

This safari will provide you with a wonderful experience.

5 Days Mountain Rwenzori Climbing Safari

Our 5 Days mountain Rwenzori climbing safari is good for the high energetic and quick visitors who can quickly go to the peak of the mountain Rwenzori to explore the various peaks of their huge mountain using the Rwenzori Mountains central Circuit, you will explore the top of Mount Stanley after speed possible. Our 5 days mountain Rwenzori Hiking safari is only possible with the services of the mountaineers who are physically fit, energetic and fast because you will need to move very fast to cover long distances in the shortest time possible. Our 5 days mountain Rwenzori climbing safari will begin with a pick up from Entebbe International Airport and then end with a drop-off still at Entebbe International airport to mark the end of the trip. The accommodation facilities, transportation are all organized and include on this 5 days mountain Rwenzori climbing safari to provide you with a wonderful experience.

Detailed itinerary  

Day 1: From Nyakalengija (1600 meters) to John matte hut (3420 meters)

On this very fast day of our safari, you will travel to Rwenzori National Park where the mountain Rwenzori hiking starts. The hiking safari will start are the Nyakalenginja at the park headquarters or at the briefing point and here you will be told of all the instructions to go through while hiking and thereafter, you will pick your equipment from here. Here you will as well find the distinguished guides and porters and you will start your hiking passing through the scattered local settlements, bamboo forests, montane forests. While hiking the mountain Rwenzori you will make a stopover at Nyabitaba hut for lunch and continue to pass through the Kurt Schaffer Bridge lying at the conference of Bujuku rivers and Mubuku, from here you will linkup go john matte where you have your dinner and for the night overstay.

Day 2: From John Matte to Elena hut covering (4563 Kilometers)

After enjoying your early morning breakfast, you will now walk via steep and rocky areas crossed by different rivers and streams and here you will be able to view the Ruwenzori peaks of Margherita and Alexandre in the distance. Continue to cross through the lower Bigo bog where some of the boards were put to make things so easier especially movements. Sport various plant species such as everlasting flowers, giant lobelia, and endless flowering plants continue to hike through the steeply and rocky parts of the Mountain Stanley up to Elena Hut for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 3: From Elena to Bujuku Camp covering 4563 Kilometers

 From here, the hiking becomes tough and you will start hiking very early in the morning at around 2 am well fitted in hiking gears and the headlamps. Walk through the step and rocky areas and in some of the areas you will need to employ some ropes to navigate through the rocky areas and thus in the company should be your crampons. After bypassing the Stanley glacier, now you will need to remove your crampons and then continue hiking via the glaciers to the Margherita glacier. Through the Margherita, a glacier will take you through the mountain Ruwenzori’s highest peak Margherita peak. After the park now you will embark on descending back to Elena where you will rest and have some lunch after continue to descend to Bujuku hut for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 4: Bujuku to Nyabitaba hut covering 2660 meters

After having your early morning breakfast, you will proceed to the upper bigo bog and proceed to descend via the lower bigo bog to link to John matte where you will rest and enjoy your lunch. After lunch, you will proceed to Nyabitaba hut for dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 5: Nyabitaba then return to Nyakalengija

Here you will descend up to Nyakalengija after the morning breakfast then continue descending to Nyabitaba via the bamboo forest. While descending you will need to be careful because it is sleepy and you have nowhere to hold necessitating you to have careful balancing. The hike here takes about 5 hours and then you will reach the Nyabitaba for lunch and descend again for about 3 hours to Nyakalengija. You can drive back to Kampala or plan for an overnight stay or proceed for other wildlife safaris like gorilla trekking in Bwindi and chimpanzee tracking in Kibale forest and this marks the end of your 5 day mountain Rwenzori climbing safari.

What to see on your 5 Days Mountain Rwenzori Climbing Safari

There are alot of things you can see on your 5 days mountain Rweonzori climbing safari in Uganda, These include the following;

Wildlife and Mammals 

This great park is home to over 70 mammal species these include Albertine Rift endemics, rare species. Others are the chimpanzee, Rwenzori otter, leopard, and elephant.  Even though wildlife is not easy to see in the dense forest, you can see primates such as colobus and blue monkeys, small antelope such as bushbucks, and unusual reptiles like a three-horned chameleon.

Rwenzori Mountains National Park is mostly common for flora rather than fauna. On the route to the peaks, you will go through the montane forest, bamboo, tree heathers, and afro-alpine plus giant forms of Senecio and lobelia, one of the rarest plant communities to East African Mountains above 3800m as well as the entire world.

Flora Vegetation.

The montane forest has beautiful vegetation that will give you breathless for a while. Its nature covered with vegetation around the Mountains of the Moon, The Rwenzori vegetation ranges are positioned in the tropical rainforest which is characterized by dense stands, evergreen trees, the ground covered by a thick litter of bamboo leaves, and the forest canopy tends to be broken and vegetal biodiversity a spreading tree with yellow flowers. Shrubs and herbaceous plants are abundant which include the Rubus dogetti and Ruwenzori blackberry. The natural vegetation has been categorized as a place to the five different zones and this is due to the altitude and aspect. The higher altitude zones are surrounded by Afro-alpine moorland and health.


Rwenzori mountains are natural habitant for over 217 bird species and 17 among them are permanent residents in the park which are confirmed by UNESCO as a key birding area. These are some of the bird species include. The Rwenzori Batis,  Handsome Francolin, Blue-headed Sunbird,  Rwenzori Turaco, Long-eared Owl, Barred Long-tailed Cuckoo, Cinnamon-chested Bee-eater, Golden-winged Sunbird,  Strange Weaver, Archers’ Robin-chat, White-starred Robin, Montane Sooty Boubou, Slender-billed Starling, Lagden’s Bush-Shrike, Barbets, Greenbuls, Flycatchers. IIladopsis, Apalises, Crimson wings, and others.

The Bakonjo People & Culture.

The Bakonjo people are found in Kasese. There are also other people around the Rwenzori are the Bambuti and Bamba through Bakonjo are the most people in Rwenzori. Physically they are short and stout. The Bakonjo and Bamba are small people, dark-skinned and short. These create the original population of the forests and mountainous areas. Their natural surrounding gave them a rich variation in small percussion instruments, small portable instruments, wooden horns, and simple dances.

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