Visit Karuma Falls in Uganda

Karuma falls are also beautiful along Karuma Bridge in along Arua Pakwach highway.

Visit Karuma Falls in Uganda

Karuma falls are situated on Victoria Albert Nile and it is one of the beautiful attractions for travelers to visit in the eastern part of Murchison falls national park which is the largest national park in Uganda. The name karuma falls is derived from the Luo language which means Great Spirit. The Luo people had a belief that it is the spirit which positioned the rocks where water hits to form white waters at karuma falls. Karuma is found on Kampala-Gulu high way at a point where the road crosses river Nile. By road north of east of Masindi the falls stretch an area of 97 km and 77 km south of Gulu in northern Uganda.

The new modern technology power dam karuma power station was constructed here which is the largest power station in Uganda with a capacity of 600 megawatts of hydroelectricity power. Historically Karuma Bridge was constructed to help cotton farmers in northern Uganda to cross the river and was established in 1963. But Karuma Bridge turned out to be a danger zone because lord’s resistance army used to block the bridge and kill people who wanted to cross to northern Uganda. But this stopped win 2007 when rebels were sent to democratic republic of Congo.

Karuma falls are also beautiful along Karuma Bridge in along Arua Pakwach highway. The visitors to northern Uganda love and enjoy watching the rapid flow of water running across the bridge and this is where the water hits hard rocks on the floor of river at karuma point. Here you can see baboons and black and white monkeys near the road.

The falls are mostly visited by visitors to northern part of Murchison fall via Kampala Pakwach road. Visitors in southern park can use a ferry and cross to northern or go around Masindi town to Karuma falls in north eastern side of the park. You can visit the falls, take pictures and record memories on your to Murchison falls National Park.

Accommodation at karuma falls.

There are many accommodation facilities that travelers can use when the visit karuma falls which include red chill camp, Boomu women’s group, Uganda wildlife campsite, Chobe safari lodge, karuma falls camp site, simbiya river lodge among others.

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