Travelling To Rwanda

Travelling to Rwanda as a country is always ignored by many tourists to Africa.

Travelling To Rwanda For A Safari

Travelling to Rwanda for a safari is one of the most thrilling experiences in Africa to visit and tour Volcanoes, Nyungwe and Akagera national parks, Rwanda is a country much respected by the nature of its order, calm. cleanliness and rules enforced by the government. This order isn’t only reserved in cities but also other places. Slowly but sure Rwanda its seat at the table of the first top tourism destinations in Africa, bringing hundreds of thousands of travelers to its land, blessed with wildlife and lush scenery especially the luxury end guests seeking to track mountain gorillas in volcanoes national park as well as primates including chimpanzees in Nyungwe forest national park.

Being a landlocked country located in east Africa, the country has some extremely amazing landscape among which include lakes, rivers, volcanoes and mountains. Not to mention the great opportunity of visiting local markets and communities to get a feel for everyday life in Rwanda.

Travelling to Rwanda as a country is always ignored by many tourists to Africa. However the country has a lot of tourism attractions to offer to tourists in its small area. Without doubt volcanoes national park is the most visited national park in Rwanda located in the northwestern part of the country. The park is famous for hosting the rare endangered mountain gorillas.

Today many tourists visit Rwanda mainly for gorilla tracking, mountain hiking and visits to the culture. Volcanoes national park is popular for being a home to mountain gorillas and the research base the famous primatologist Dian Fossey. Other people travelling to Rwanda visit Akagera national park for a game drive, the park is a home to the Big 5 animals and other animals such as zebras, giraffes and antelopes etc. There ii also lake Ihema inside the park where you can take a boat cruise while seeing aquatic animals and different bird species.

Visitors planning to visit Rwanda must possess some requirements such as passports which should be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry in Rwanda and it needs to be having one blank page on your passport for entry stamps, a tourist visa

While Rwanda is yellow fever free, Visitors travelling to Rwanda must have a yellow vaccination card especially if they are coming from countries with active yellow fever transmission outbreaks. A yellow fever vaccination certificate is not required by travelers coming from yellow fever non – endemic countries.

if you are travelling to Rwanda for a safari, a visa is one of the Rwanda entry requirements that is should be possess by all nationals which are not citizens of the East African community member states. A visa can be obtained before travelling or at the time of entry at a fee of $50. Credit cards are not allowed a tall land border crossings. Travelers must have enough money to cover the costs of their stay in Rwanda.

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