Travel Updates In Uganda Amidst Covid-19 Outbreak

Travel Updates In Uganda Amidst Covid-19 Outbreak: Uganda like any other country of the world is doing as much as possible to ensure that Coronavirus spread is curbed down without causing much damage to the pristine tourism attractions and resources that attract both international and domestic travelers. It is our responsibility as Africa Adventure Vacations to constantly update our travelers on the status of Uganda as a destination amidst this pandemic and how safety measures are being practiced.

As of today 25th April 2020, according to the Ministry of Health Uganda has a total of seventy-five (75) confirmed cases of COVID-19 with a 57% recovery rate. Forty-five (45) passive cases/ patients have since recovered from COVID-19 within one month and fifteen days and have been discharged from different admitted hospitals across the country. This means that the active cases admitted today in hospitals stand at eighteen (18) cases that are undergoing treatment. The rate at which people are recovering has been attributed to the rapid response of  COVID-19 Task force that was created by the government and the Ministry of Health to ensure measures are well implemented.

Although Uganda has the limited number of Covid-19 cases as compared to her neighbors Rwanda, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Tanzania, its is still on lockdown which has seen the closure of the airport, suspension of both private and public transport means as well as suspension of all tourist activities in all conservation parks in Uganda. This means as today no traveler whether domestic or international, is allowed to access and do any tourism activities in Uganda and this lockdown is until May 5th, 2020 as we wait to see what will happen next after the shutdown.

Africa adventure vacations are aware of hard times that our travelers are passing through during this pandemic with restricted travels to your destination of choice across the globe. As part of the global efforts to combat the pandemic, the Uganda government through Ministry Health is committed to ensuring that the COVID-19 does not spread rapidly to the people and wildlife since without these components, then the travel industry is no more. Since the first case was reported and before the following measures have been announced by the government to ensure the safety of people and tourism.

Firstly, in the first week of March on 7th 2020 before Uganda reported her first COVID-19 case, the Ministry announced the mandatory screening of all travelers entering Uganda via airports and land borders of Cyanica, Malaba Katuna, and Busia. Additionally, all travelers from high-risk countries were put in mandatory Quarantine for fourteen days as they were being supervised by the professional medical team and lastly, meetings and conferences both local and internal were postponed following the extensive consultations with the experts from World Health Organisation.

As if this was not enough, later on, the internal travelers were blocked from accessing the country through closing the Entebbe airport for passenger planes except for cargo planes in a move deemed total local down, other measures such as stay home to enhance social distancing, the introduction of curfew throughout the whole of Uganda from seven o’clock in the evening to six o’clock in the morning followed, following the announcement by the government through the head of state. This has to last for 21days up to 5th May 2020.

When will Uganda lift Lockdown to allow the tourism business?

The current crisis we are in worldwide has left very people in the travel business wondering when will everything return to normal, when will travelers again gear head for wildlife encounters, as most of them, are short of their favorite loved destinations,  spending more time imagining when will it be that destination countries lift the imposed lockdowns that have restricted travel. Surely, this is what every adventurer all over the world is waiting for.

Safaris to Uganda’s ten conservation parks and other tourism sites s earlier indicated were affected by the lockdown and thus cannot be accessed as of today. Regarding the lifting of the lockdown in Uganda, Africa Adventure Vacations will not provide you with actual dates on when the suspension on tourism activities and the lockdown as a whole will be lifted as the date is still a mystery. However as of now what is well known is that the currently locked don in Uganda will end on 5th May 2020, this does not guarantee us that the lockdown will be lifted.

It is important to note that the lifting of the lockdown will depend on how the situation of COVID-19 plays. In instances where the situation becomes worse, there are still possibilities of extending the lockdown beyond May 5th, 2020. According to the Uganda wildlife Authority statement released on 25th March 2020, the suspension of primate tourism in Ugandan National is supposed to end on 30 April 2020. However, by virtual, the situation is, its unlikely to end due to the countries lockdown which was announced aftermath.

Therefore, it remains the responsibility of the government under its COVID-19 Task Force that will announce the lifting of the lockdown after studying the situation. Additionally, the opening of tourism sites and Uganda National task force will be guided by the COVID-19 National Taskforce and as Africa Adventure Vacations we are keeping our eyes open and wide for any Authoritative information about travels and lifting of Lockdown which we shall immediately avail you via our website and our social media platforms.

We appeal to our travelers both in Uganda and abroad to critically stay safe by adhering to your designated ministry health and government preventive measures against this “invisible enemy” COVID-19. Measures such stay home and move out only when you must, wash your hands regularly for about 20 seconds, maintaining physical and social distance and please offer yourself for medical assistance when you develop Covid-19 like symptoms such as higher temperature, dry cough, fever among others as classified by WHO. Stay safe we need you in Uganda after the lockdown

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