Tanzania Chimpanzee Trekking

In Tanzania, chimpanzee trekking is carried out in two national parks of Mahale and Gombe stream national parks

Tanzania Chimpanzee Trekking – Can I track Gombe or Mahale?

Booking a chimpanzee trekking safari with us at Africa adventure vacations gives you an opportunity to meet eye to eye with chimpanzees in Tanzania. While in Tanzania you can take part in so many activities like game drives, canoeing, fishing, mountain hiking among so many others. Chimpanzee trekking in Tanzania is done in Mahale mountains national park on the eastern shores of Lake Tanganyika and Gombe streams national park in the western Kigoma region of Tanzania.

Tanzania chimpanzee trekking is not close to the one of Uganda and if possible, consider booking chimpanzee trekking in Kibale forest national park in Uganda for a much more memorable experience.

Where to go for Chimpanzee Trekking in Tanzania

Tanzania has two best places to go to for chimpanzee tracking safaris. These include;

Gombe streams national park

Gombe national park is located in the western part of Tanzania near Tanganyika on the birders with Burundi. It happens to be the smallest national park in the country covering only 35 sq km. It’s one of the national parks in Africa to trek chimpanzees where some of the chimpanzees are habituated for trekking at any time of the year. The Park become famous in 1960 when Jane Goodall a popular primatologist started researching about these primates.

Chimpanzee trekking is the most done activity in Gombe streams national park although the park is a home of other animals such as olive baboons that are normally seen at the lake shores drinking water and several monkey species like the red-tailed monkeys and black and white colobus which are some times hunted for meat by the chimpanzees.

Mahale mountains national park

Located on the slopes of mountain Mahale, the park protects over 800 chimpanzee species. the park was gazette in 1985 and covers a total area of 1,613 sq. km comprising of woodlands, rainforest, grasslands, and alpine bamboo. the chimpanzees stay along with other 50 species of animals that have been recorded in the park.

Where to stay on a chimpanzee trekking safari in Tanzania

Accommodation in Gombe streams national park

There are so many accommodation facilities in and around Gombe streams national park where one can stay during a chimpanzee trekking safari in Tanzania. These range from luxury to mid-range to budget options so where to stay depends on your budget. Examples of accommodation facilities here include Kigoma Hilltop Hotel, Mbali Mbali, Gombe Lodge, Sunset Vista Hotel, Lake Tanganyika Hotel, Muzye Lodge, Triple J Resort, Coast View Resort, Leaders Lodge, and Imperial Hotel among others.

Accommodation in Mahale mountains national park

Choose where to stay in Mahale mountains national park basing on your travel budget. The Park has accommodation facilities ranging from luxury to mid-range to budget. Accommodation facilities in and around this area include Mbali Mbali Lodge, Greystoke Mahale Camp, Mikumi Wildlife Camp, Mikumi Adventure Lodge, and Vuma hills among others.

What is the price of chimpanzee trekking in Tanzania?

Trekking chimpanzees in Tanzania require one to have a valid chimpanzee trekking permit which can be bought from a trusted tour operator. Trekking chimpanzees in Mahale mountains national park costs $150 per person per trek. Permits for Gombe streams national park cost $100

What is the best time to visit Tanzania for chimpanzee trekking?

Trekking chimpanzees in Gombe streams national park and Mahale mountains national park can be done throughout the year but the best time to trek and successfully see them is towards the end of the dry season that is July to October. This is because the roads leading to the parks are dry, there is little or no rainfall which means the trekking trails are dry, less muddy, and not slippery.

What to pack for chimpanzee trekking?

When you are going for chimpanzee trekking make sure that you are well prepared with good hiking waterproof boots, long-sleeved clothes, binoculars, sunscreen, rain jacket, a pair of gaiters, garden gloves, a lot of drinking water, energy-giving snacks, a pair of binoculars, face mask, sanitizer, good quality camera, insect repellents, and so much more.

Rules and regulations of chimpanzee trekking in Tanzania

Chimpanzee trekking is done by one 8 people

After locating chimpanzees, you are only allowed to stay around them for a maximum of 1 hour as you learn about their behavior and take pictures

While in the jungle you are advised to stay in your group during the trekking because you might be eaten by forest animals if you get lost.

Chimpanzee trekking is done by people ages 15 and above

When you meet chimpanzees, you are advised to keep a distance of 7 meters away from these primates so as not to contract diseases in case of any

People with infectious diseases such as flu and cough are not allowed to trek because they can transmit those diseases to the primates.

If you want to ease yourself in the jungle, you are can ask your ranger guide to dig for you a hole after which you cover it

You are advised to keep your voices low when trekking or even around chimpanzees

You are not allowed to look directly into the eyes of chimpanzees as this can make them charge.

Beating chimpanzees is strongly prohibited as this can make them charge and fight you since they are wild animals.

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