Tanzania Birding Safaris

Birding in Tanzania are done at any time of the year

Tanzania Birding Safaris

Bird watching safaris in Tanzania comes with great ecstasy, birding teaches you more about different species of birds, when you head out to the wilderness in search of different bird species, the adventure kicks in. on your Tanzania birding safaris, you will discover some of the uncommon bird species of Africa. Not so famous to travelers, birding is one of the best travels experience you can ever take part in and Africa offers one of the best birding safaris and experiences in the entire world. 

Tanzania hosts most of the east African endemic bird species such as the miombo (south-central Africa) endemic bird species. In addition to birding, travelers encounter several wildlife species such as the big 5 mammals – lions, buffaloes, elephants, rhinos, leopards as well as some of the continent’s most popular sites such as the great rift valley lake that acts as a home to flamingoes, Serengeti national park with its herds of big cats and the annual wildebeest migration experience through Tanzania and Kenya. Ngorongoro crater and mountain Kilimanjaro one of the tallest mountains in the world.

Tanzania Bird Watching Holidays And Adventures

As a move to keep nature alive, an estimate of 30% of the country land area (about 975,000 sq) has been conserved, yet popular for being one of the world’s four important birding destinations, with a bio-diversity hot spots for endemism featuring the uniqueness of birds, mammals, reptiles, African lowland forests which harbors numerous destinations which among them include the world-famous eastern arc mountains, the Serengeti eco-system, the East African coastal forests, Mahale mountains, the southern highlands, the Kilimanjaro river valley, and Pemba islands. 

With about 1134 different bird species recorded, the continuous increment is recommendable. Some of the bird species you will encounter include ostriches, kingfishers, storks, waterfowl, superb starling, flamingos, fish eagle, crown crane, hornbills, and the lilac-breasted roller. Find over 500 bird species in the Ngorongoro conservation area and 3 Tanzania endemics in the Serengeti region. Birding safaris in Tanzania are done at any time of the year but the best months being June to August and December to February, it is when tend to migrate searching for new mates and what to eat. All you need is good birding attire since the activity usually takes place in the swamps or forests, come along with a good camera for good pictures, insect repellents, and binoculars among others.

You can choose to move as a sole birder, research, family, or group of friends, the world-class accommodation ranging from luxury to mid-range to budget is available, including transportation of your choice. Basing on your choice and budget, we can arrange a safari to Tanzania for a birding opportunity where the ultimate adventure begins, a unique and beauty of Tanzania as it is comprised of natural places such as forests, lakes, mountains, and landscape that can support birding activities, it is upon the birding guides to take you through the birding lessons, as well as explaining to you whatever thing you will not understand. Birders can extend their birding safaris in Kenya‘s Masai Mara game reserve and Uganda to spot more unique bird species 

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