Rwanda Beach Holidays

There is a chance of combining your beach safari with a gorilla trekking safari

Rwanda Beach Holidays

Are you looking for Rwanda beach holidays? We can say that Rwanda is the best country when it comes you offering mountaineering and hiking adventure safaris, honeymoon holidays as well as game drive safaris and gorilla trekking safaris. There are major 4 national parks in Rwanda which visitors can visit during the explorative journey to this wonderful country known for its several hails.

When it comes to beach holidays, Rwanda is not the best destination for beach holidays since it has no seas coastline and it doesn’t feature any big water lake and thus the beaches in Rwanda are not all the best for you to explore. Fact that the nearby beaches are available in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania which are a bit difficult to access, then you can decide to spend some time in Rwanda as you visit some of the best lakes and enjoy sun and sand.

The visitors interested in visiting Rwanda for the Rwanda beach holiday safaris will need to spend much of their time at Lake Kivu which is the lake with well-established accommodation facilities. It is so much interesting and it provides wonderful places. Serene Environment and most of the visitors usually explore this lake after the gorilla trekking experience in volcanoes national park.

While on the Rwanda beach holiday safaris at Lake Kivu, you can explore other activities such as visiting the coffees plantation on the islands of Nyamirundi, you will also engage in the boat ride at the lake, and play some beach soccer at the lake. Visitors can also decide to move to the Rosemond children orphanage that has for aiding helped the children of the people who survived the 1994 genocide and remained father and motherless. Take a walk around the lake and other water-based tourism activities such as the water spots among pothers species. 

Where to go in for best budget and luxury beach safaris in Rwanda 

Rwanda beach holiday safaris are best conducted at Lake Kivu which is Rwanda’s only freshwater body available that has a relatively developed shoreline. Lake Kivu is part and partial of the rift valley lakes and the park is bounded by the stunning views of the mountains, the clear green waters and it makes the list of the top 6 largest lakes found within Africa.

Lake Kivu in Rwanda is located is best for having Rwanda beach holiday safaris especially after hiking the Virunga volcanoes and fantastic activity of the gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National park. Lake Kivu is only a 1-hour drive from Volcanoes national park and this makes it a wonderful destination for the visitors to come, relax and rejuvenate themselves from the vigorous task of gorilla trekking and these are some of the wonderful beaches at the lake that you can explore during your Rwanda beach holiday safaris.

Beach holiday safaris to Karogi Lake Kivu Rwanda 

This is the wonderful beach resort that provides the visitors with the wonderful sound of the fishermen on the lake as your relaxing on the eucalyptus and pine trees that serve as the locale to the glistening Lake.

Beach holiday safaris to Rubavu Lake Kivu Rwanda 

This is the town that is found in the northern age at the Lake Kivu and it is also a very good destination for you to get the perfect relaxation after having your gorilla trekking safaris. The area is bundled with the waterfront with the old mansions and then it used to be the colonial beach resort and it is also a nice place for you to go and enjoy the wildlife safaris. 

What to do during your Rwanda beach holidays & safaris?

There are various activities that you can do as your visiting the above-mentioned beaches during your Rwanda beach holiday safaris. Several water activities are presented and you can indulge in the following activities and these include kayaking, diving, taking boat trips, swimming, hiking, biking, sunbathing, among several others and these are the interesting activities that you can involve in. The beach holidays in Rwanda can be best combined with other wildlife safaris in Rwanda including gorilla trekking and game viewing without forgetting the rich Rwanda history.

Where to stay for your Rwanda beach holidays & safaris?

Lake Kivu beach has got its accommodation facilities where you can stay and therefore there is no need for you to worry about your accommodation arrangements and some accommodation facilities include lake Kivu Serena hotel, Beach garden BnB, gorillas Lake Kivu, western Mountain hotel, Stipp Hotel Gisenyi and among other places where you can stay.

What is the best time to go for Rwanda beach holidays & safaris?

The Rwanda beach holiday safaris are organized throughout the year, which means that you can arrange to go to Kenya for Rwanda beach holiday safaris every time they feel and here at Africa adventure vacations, were are ever open to book for you the Rwanda beach holiday safaris. Although the Rwanda beach holiday safaris can be organized throughout the year, it is good to go during the dry season in June, July, August, September, October, December, January, and February. During the dry season, you will enjoy the uninterrupted beach safari in the wild since there are limited chances of rainfall during this period. The dry season provides the chances to the visitors for diving and swimming which is very interesting and therefore, it is not good to go to Rwanda for the Rwanda beach holiday safaris during the rainy season.

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