Rushaga sector in Bwindi

Why Rushaga is recommended for gorilla trekking trekking in Bwindi Uganda

Rushaga sector in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park Uganda

Rushaga region is located in the Bwindi  southern sector. The park is famously known as a home of the endangered mountain gorillas in Uganda.  Rushaga sector is among the 4 sectors of Bwindi forest Park. There are around 400 mountain gorilla that inhabit in the wild and are a heritage in the park.  Rushaga sector has 5 gorilla families and is the region with the biggest number of gorilla families.

The area protects the Busingye, Nshongi, Bweza, Kungye, Mishaya families. Take time to read through this article so that you can study about Rushaga sector and the reason why you should trek in this Rushaga sector compared to other sectors of Bwindi.

Why Rushaga is recommended for gorilla trekking in Bwindi.

As you are travelling to Rushaga, you will watch mountain volcanoes from a distance and you will see the best sights of Gahinga, Virunga and Muhavura. It is a fine-looking scenery to watch for. You will also have an opportunity to watch Lake Bunyonyi which is known as the deepest Crater Lake in Africa.

As you are driving to Rushaga region, you will be electrified with incredible experience of the topography, the hills, valleys will surprise you, and on top of that you will also enjoy the prettiness of Kisoro district which is well known as the Switzerland of Uganda.

There are habituated Gorilla families in Rushaga sector and it is stress-free to book your permit in advance of 3 months because 40 permits is sold on a daily basis and 8 people are permitted to trek per Gorillla family even though four people are grouped to practice habituation in Rushaga region and this  sector has two habituated Gorilla families.

Before a permit is issued by the Uganda Wildlife Authority, you should first alert the tour operator in charge about the gorilla family.  This is so because the gorilla families are located in various areas and therefore your physical fitness determines which sector to trek in. Rangers are available to spot for you the gorilla family of your choice since they well know where to find the specific gorilla family that you are trekking for.

Rushaga sector has various lodges. These lodges are possessed by the locals of this region which is different from other sectors where lodges are owned by foreign investors. As you are trekking in Rushaga sector and you feel like spending a night, you can sleep in one of these lodges and they include Gorilla safari lodge, Rushaga Gorilla camp, Nshongi Gorilla camp, Rushaga gorilla havens lodge, among others.

Visiting this region gives you an opportunity to join the developing sector of the region. There are many activities that take place in this community if you compare it to other sectors of the park. Gorilla habituation activity allows tourists to interact with them for 4 hours as you are on the wild training of gorillas which are close to human race.

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