Nyakasura Hill

Trek to the top of Nyakasura hills

Nyakasura Hills

The wondrous trek to the top of Nyakasura hills

Nyakasura hills: After a visit to the adjacent Amabere ganyinamwiru, I couldn’t help but think of the magnificence that lay in the small and seemingly insignificant place like that and now with an open mind unlike before the Nyakasura hills were the next target for our next adventure exploration. At this point, I had been blown away by the mind boggling beauty of the caves and it surrounding and I felt like I was ready for anything. A few meters walk and we were at the base of the hill.  The hill stood daunting, long and steep with an elevation of about 1,657 feet above sea level in front of us and I must admit I felt a dread creeping up in me and a cold rush down my spine but I was not about to let myself down. With a thought like I can do it, nothing is impossible blah blah, Feeling all youthful, energetic and healthy we were ready to take on the Nyakasura hills.  

Due to lack of fitness, a few minutes later a majority of us were out of breath and the pace was slower than the initial one.  Although, the fresh crystal air and the heavenly atmosphere kept encouraging us on to the top where we anticipated greater views. Walking postures begun to change from straight backs to curvature, other were almost walking on all fours, panting like hunter dogs I must say it was exhilarating. I literally felt my heart beating in my mouth and almost out vomiting it out, my chest thumped heavily and it hurt I almost gave up but I realized I had come too far to give up yet there are better views at the top an important lesson in life that I learnt that day. We did occasional stops and then brisk walks to get to the top faster and as it is patience pays, the patience and perseverance finally paid off handsomely.

And oh my! The feeling of getting to the top is heavenly and makes you forget the long hard hike up here, the tranquillity, relief and joy make you rather delight in the beautiful scenery and the fresh cool breeze.  Four crystal glowing crater lakes, green hills with a few scattered local homes and the ranges of mountain Rwenzori in a distance are breathtaking. At this point I forgot about the piercing pain in my chest, the dry throat, shivering legs that almost gave me away to the ground, and overly heated sweating body, I simply just let the beauty sink in, cause I knew I needed more than just still picture memories- my brains take the best pictures than my camera so I took my time to take in the majesty of the place and its creator.

After we were done catching our breath, and had, had enough mental, still and digital picture we gathered what was left of us and made our way down the hill on the opposite side which is less steep but equally greener, encountering a few homesteads and people.

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