Lake Albert Boat Ride In Semuliki National Park

A boat ride on Lake Albert is amazing with beautiful views

Lake Albert Boat Ride In Semuliki National Park

Lake Albert boat ride in Semuliki national park- Lake Albertine is found in southwestern Uganda, Semuliki national park is the home of over 441 bird species which is 40% of Uganda’s total bird species and 66% of forest bird species in Uganda. The park also hosts some species that are normally found in the Congo region plus bird species which are only found in the Albertine Western Rift, thus this makes Semuliki national park to be among the best place for bird watching as an activity.

Semuliki national park provides a boat ride which is done on Lake Albert where you will get an opportunity to see the unique shoebill stork, these birds like so much to stay around the swampy areas. Toro-Semuliki wildlife reserve is the best place for bird watching than wildlife viewing. The boat ride on Lake Albert in Semuliki also gives you a chance to see various species that come from the Congolese rainforest. In the park, there are migratory birds in wet months from March-May, you will also view the acacia savannah, borassus palm, and a lot of wildlife like forest elephants.

A boat ride on Lake Albert is amazing with beautiful views, sounds of the birds heard from a distance, you can also see the waterfalls along the lake which provide a great picnic spot and various fishing villages far away. Therefore on your trip to Western Uganda do not miss out to do a boat ride on Lake Albert.

Spotting the shoebills in Semuliki national park is not easy but the boat ride on Lake Albert gives you chance to take a local canoe around the lake swamps in search of the unique shoebills. A professional local guide will help you during the process from your pick up at the landing site and take through the entire place searching for this rare species since they are more experienced with the water body.  After meeting these birds, you will be allowed to pull out your cameras and take a shot of the bird

The shoebills like so much to live around the swampy areas as their feeding ground. The reason being that the swampy areas are home to fish, and frogs which attract the shoebills to stay around. Though some people do not know the importance of these birds so they used to kill them as they feed on the same food. After the activity, you will be taking a boat back to the landing site and then back to your reserved lodge and get ready for other tourist attractions in the park.

Other tourist attraction in Semuliki national park you can do after boat ride on Lake Albert are;

Game drives,  in Semuliki national park have morning, afternoon, and night game drives and normally done in 3 tracks across the savannah and grassland of Toro Semuliki wildlife reserve, where you will see animals like Uganda kob, waterbuck, buffaloes, warthog, forest elephants and many more.  During night game drive you will see the nocturnal wildlife like leopards, white-tailed mongoose, and so on.

Visit Sempaya hot springs is the major tourist attraction in the park which attracts most tourists to visit this virgin national park. These hot springs have a unique outlook that puts smiles on visitor’s faces leaving them with a memorable experience and they have a great cultural background attached to them.

Nature walks, 3 different trails are 11 kilometers Red monkey track, 13 kilometers Kirumia trail and 8 kilometers Sempaya nature trail, hiking these trails allows you to explore the park and give you a chance to see different primates like the red-tailed monkeys, black and white monkeys, vevert monkeys, olive baboons and many more.

Cultural tours, on your safari to Semuliki national park, spare some time and visit the Batwa culture, which is one of the ethnic groups that you should not miss out on encounter and see their appearance and explore their background and life style. Plus many other tourist attractions.

After Semuliki national park, go to Bwindi impenetrable forest national park for gorilla trekking and get a chance to explore more about these shy primates, Kibale forest national park for chimpanzee tracking, Or visit the majestic Rwenzori Mountains for the most trending hiking experience in Africa, and many other national parks.

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