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Kenya group safaris can be done at any time of the year

Kenya Group Tours

Are you looking for Kenya group tours and safaris? Kenya is one of the amazing Africa safari destinations in East Africa bordered by Uganda, Somalia, the Indian Ocean, Tanzania, South Sudan, and Ethiopia. The country has several attractions which are worth visiting in group safaris. We organize group safaris around the best destinations in Kenya such as lake Nakuru where you meet lesser flamingoes, Masai mara national park for best game drives, and witnessing annual wildebeest migration in case the safari is done in July to September, Nairobi national park, and Amboseli national park. You can also hike the snowcapped Mount Kenya.

Places to visit on a Kenya group tours

Kenya has a diversity of beautiful destinations to go for group tours and safaris. Below are some of the amazing and fascinating places you shouldn’t miss to visit

Masai mara national reserve

Masai mara national reserve is located in the rift valley province of Kenya and is a large national game reserve in Narok city. The Park is a home of Masai people who are famous for cattle keeping and their distinctive way of dressing. Masai mara national reserve is one of the most famous and important wildlife conservation areas with 90 mammal species and 470 bird species.

There are so many tourism activities that can be done on group safaris in Masai mara and some of them include game drives and hot air balloons where you get to have an aerial view of the park’s vegetation and animals such as zebras, wildebeests, leopards, impalas, lions, cheetahs, waterbucks, elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, rhinos, gazelles, hyenas, hippos, and African hare among others. There are also group birding safaris in Masai mara national park and during this activity, you get to see birds such as saddle-billed stork, ostrich, turaco, bustard, southern ground hornbill, Rufous-bellied Heron, African fish eagle, purple heron, grey crowned crane, woolly-necked stork, secretary bird, booted eagle, little sparrow hawk, and African jacana among others. From July to October, there is annual wildebeest migration of some animals to and from Serengeti national park of Tanzania.

Lake Nakuru national park

Lake Nakuru national park is located on the floor of the great rift valley in the south of Nakuru. Lake Nakuru is famous for the thousands of flamingos that nest along the shores of the lake. The Park is home to over 56 mammals, primates, and more than 500 bird species. there are so many activities that can be done in lake Nakuru national park but the most done are game drives where you get an opportunity to see different animals such as waterbucks, giraffes, hippos, wildebeests, rhinos, elephants, hyenas, elands, zebras, lions, wild dogs, monkeys, and bird species such as lesser and greater flamingo, grey-crested helmet shrike, African fish eagle, hoopoe, maccoa duck, Speke’s weaver, blue-billed teal, greater Blue-eared starling, mourning dove, crab-plover, Hildebrandt’s starling, spoonbills, shinning sunbird, white-eyed slaty flycatcher, and brown bord among others.

Amboseli national park

Amboseli national park is one of the national parks in the southern part of Kenya where group safaris to Kenya can take a visit. Group safaris to Amboseli national park can do game drives and birding in the park. Game drives in the park expose you to animals like lions, zebras, elands, cheetahs, buffaloes, giraffes, gazelles, leopards, hyenas, wildebeests, topis, and birds such as goliath heron, yellow-necked spurfowl, waders, African jacana, grey crowned crane, rufous chatterer, secretary birds, fish eagle, marabou stork, ostriches, lesser flamingo, owl, papyrus gonolek, marital eagle, vultures, Guinea fowl, and owls among others.

Best time for Kenya group tours & safaris

Kenya group safaris can be done at any time of the year but the best time to have an amazing time on your safari is the dry season which happens from June to September and December to January. During the dry season, there is little or no rainfall which makes the vegetation to be thin, the trucks in the parks dry and the roads leading to the park are always in good condition. For group safaris to Masai Mara national park, the best time would be July to October when there is the annual wildebeest migration of wildebeests, zebras, and gazelles to and from Serengeti national park.

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