How to book a safari in Uganda

Yes, it is important to note that you should take to find a well-established, registered, and reputable company to deal with your travel arrangement.

How to book a safari in Uganda

How to book a safari in Uganda? Are you interested in taking a safari to Uganda? Would you like to know more about the process of booking your safaris to enjoy Uganda’s vast wildlife and cultural encounters? Africa adventure vacations avail you of the necessary information and how best you can book a safari to Uganda. Uganda is one of the leading destinations of the world and booking as a safari is easy provided you get the right information via a well-established and recognized tour operator to handle all your travel package/safari. It is good that you try as much as possible to find the right tour company with professional and experienced tour guides and here at Africa adventure vacations, we advise you on how best you can book a safari trip to Uganda and what are the major issues that you need consider and focus on at the destination as you book your safari tour to Uganda. If you are looking for holiday travel in Uganda, one needs to look out for the holiday safari that fits his or her budget and your interests at the destination. We organize and arrange a lot of travel packages ranging from budget, midrange, and luxury safaris. The packages we organize include gorilla tracking safaris, chimpanzee trekking safaris, wildlife safari game drives, golden monkey tracking safaris, hiking safaris among other packages.

About Uganda

Uganda is centrally in east Africa and it is a landlocked country which means that it has no sea coastline. Uganda is blessed with magnificent landscapes and wildlife species including water-based resources.  Uganda boasts the source of the world’s longest river, River Nile, and Lake Victoria the largest freshwater body in Africa, Uganda also is associated with Mountain Rwenzori with snow-capped peaks and also one of the endangered primates including Mountain gorillas and chimpanzees. It is only in three countries where mountain gorillas are located and Uganda is among these three countries. The other countries include the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. Most of the selling safari activity is gorilla tracking and chimpanzee tracking however there are also other safari activities including the safari games drives to see the big 5 animals of Africa which include buffaloes, elephants, leopards, lions, and rhinos. Uganda has 10 national parks each rich in wild animals and bird species among other attractions within the parks.

As you plan to take a holiday safari or safari package to Uganda, there are guidelines that you need to consider to have a successful safari trip to Uganda. I hope that these guides will be so crucial and of great use for you to plan your safari holiday to your Uganda destination.

Yes, it is important to note that you should take to find a well-established, registered, and reputable company to deal with your travel arrangement. Having inexperienced tour operators may lead you to fail to have a successful holiday in Uganda. To get a credible company to deal with, you will need to have a vetting process that you can do in several ways.  Specifically, in Uganda, you should make sure that you’re linking with the company that is a member of the Association of Uganda tour operators association, a body that coordinates and manages all the activities of tour operators in Uganda. The association or this organization makes sure that the clients are not robbed of their money and in case there is something wrong then the association comes in to intervene. You should also consider the selling price of the companies for example you should check properly when you find that the company is selling gorilla trekking permits at 500 dollars when others are selling at 700 dollars then you should be mindful of this and these could be scammers.

Another important thing guideline you should focus on while booking a safari holiday to Uganda is for you to check the reviews of the previous travelers in regards to the services and professionalism of the company they used and you can get this by following the Trip adviser and via safari bookings. Usually, companies with better services and professionalism will always have better reviews. You can choose that company with reputable reviews to get a better safari trip to Uganda.

Identify the safari package you want to take to Uganda

While severe safari packages are marketed online and on websites of various tour operators, it is important that you chose a package that fits your demands. Choosing a package to depend on various reasons including your budget, interest,

With the various packages marketed on our website, choose the package that fits you and the time you have. In Uganda, there are several destinations but majorly most of the travelers choose to take gorilla trekking. The fact that Uganda has got more than half of the mountain gorillas remaining in the world then increases the chance of traveler’s seeing mountain gorillas when they take a gorilla trekking tour in Uganda. Other activities that have gorillas include Rwanda and Congo. However, Uganda is a bit cheaper as compared to Rwanda with the gorilla trekking permit costs 700 dollars per person per trek with security at the maximum. You can consider as well taking birding trips, chimpanzee tracking safaris, and hike the Rwenzori Mountains dubbed the mountain of the moon.

Further, then the number of days you have also is a consideration for you to choose a destination to go to Uganda or another destination. Uganda as the destination, you can have days ranging from 2 to 30 days as your adventuring the country and exploring its beauty by moving from corner to corner. Uganda is located centrally in East Africa and this makes it is easier for travelers to connect to other destination countries of East Africa including Rwanda and the democratic republic of Congo. We operate tours across eat African country and you will need an East African visa which allows you to re-enter East Africa provided it is Valid.

Here we provide a friendly budget of services including budget accommodation facilities ranging from camping, to upmarket lodges for a comfortable stay at your lodge while you’re at your holiday safari in Uganda. There strong tour vehicles and flights connecting. All our safari packages involve budget options and in case you feel like you want more information you can contact us at Africa Adventure Vacations. Immediately you book with us on Trip Adviser we immediately swing into action to respond to your needs.

Safari confirmation to Uganda

Once you have now got the right package you wanted on the website, the next this is for you to send us an inquiry and our team of tour consults will be able to respond to you as soon as possible. Package confirmation means that you have checked the availability of the services you want to engage in and the chosen date.  You need also to make sure that the accommodation, transportation permits, and activities fees /fares are as well requested, and for us, we shall advise basing on our experience and devise for you better means of having a successful safari in Uganda. To illustrate more, when visitors are interested in gorilla trekking knowing that gorilla trekking permits are so sensitive, we have to make sure that the gorilla trekking permit is available before we can confirm your package otherwise if this is not done properly the gorilla permit can be got on wrong dates and this will immediately spoil the experience for you the client. In terms of booking for accommodation, one has to be knowledgeable about both the low and the peak season and knowing that during peak season, the services are on high demand and this necessitates visitors /clients to book the services early enough to avoid missing some of the activities. The moment we confirm that all services are available then we process and confirm the services and book them earlier in advance for you our dear esteemed client.

Payments for the safari trip to Uganda.

You will always require to make a deposits not half but for the mountain gorilla permits and chimpanzee permits and once you have paid, then we shall send you the book manifest for you get us your details and personal information and then after payment, we shall again send you the scanned copies of the transactions as they are made in your particulars. Then we shall again give you the travel information related to Uganda articulating how best you will be moving

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