Hiking Wagagai

Mt Elgon is exceptional when it turns to trekking adventure.

Hiking Wagagai Peak On Mount Elgon Uganda

Hiking Wagagai peak on mount Elgon in Uganda- Wagagai peak has the highest peak which is found at 4321m high but it has a less crowd if compared to Mount Kilimanjaro. It has got an amazing view due to less people settling along its slopes. It is such a fascinating place to live in when you are in Uganda. You will be able to spot huge number of wild animals as descending or ascending the mountain and you will also spot the hot springs in the crater and waterfalls. In 1896, C.W. Hobley a European came the first one who circumnutated the mountain. In 1911, Stigler and Kmunke made their first appearance to ascend to Wagagai. E.gedge, F.Jackson and J. Martin in 1890 also made their first appearance to ascend to Sudek. The main peak of the mountain is so easy to climb and you do not need mountaineering equipment. The other interesting features of the mountain include;

Wagagai peak makes you humble because the climb is so hectic since everything has to be done in three short days in which one will move around the scenes of wilderness and desert moorlands. It is just a test for endurance both mentally and physically.

Mt. Elgon Wagagai Peak

Mt Elgon is exceptional when it turns to trekking adventure. Those visitors who have climbed this mountain can tell you how stunning the volcano climb is in the continent. Wagagai peak lies at 4321m and is among the largest volcanic bases found in Africa and its well placed on the Uganda-Kenya border. It is known as the largest and oldest Mt Elgon’s Volcanic and Solitary feature in East Africa.

The diameter is 80 km and it increases to more than 3,000metres upstairs the surrounding plains and the cool heights of the mountain offer respite from the hot plains below. The altitudes that are high usually provide a view of flora and fauna. The Bagisu are the locals settling on the slopes of the mountain Elgon and it is believed by the Bagisu theat the Wagagai peak is the habitat for the Imballu gods responsible for the circumcision that takes place to all aging boys in the Bugisu. This is an old ritual initiation.

Wagagai peak is at 4321m and it takes you some hours of trekking on when you are from Maude. You can do the trekking without packing a lot of things since it returns you back to the camp. On your first day you will see clearly the alien landscape views that have got huge rock outcrops and strange giant shrubs. Wagagai peak is found at the high point of the Caldera which is found at the edge of crater rim and it will require you to walk a few kilometers around the rim as you are enjoying the remarkable views out heading to Kenya and across the echoey plains of the Caldera. Walking back to Maude camp is short and it gives you an opportunity to explore the lakes found along the hill and soak up the peaceful atmosphere.

Climbing back to the lower parts of the Caldera and slopping to mountain Elgon which runs you to the Sipi falls. This will be an amazing day for you to walk to the edge of canyons on old smugglers trails to Kenya which are rotated with giant garden flowers and fascinating rock formations. It is also among the longest and toughest days that is usually done in the downhill. You will have to climb back up the valleys which will cause respite to the knees. After walking through all these Elgon’s high plains, eco regions thee to the shrubs and later go to the forest such as the bamboo forest, you will finally be there.

I can confirm the walk is taught but good for all those who are physically fit and those with beautiful scenery in Uganda. Climbing Mount Elgon national park is one of the great experiences, which is best for everyone in the world mostly those ones who love to climb mountains. On your journey to Mount Elgon, you will see lot of different and wonderful scenery, culminating in breathtaking views from the 4,321m peak of Wagagai.

Hiking Mountain Elgon is for everyone with any kind of basic level of fitness and you will not need an experience to climb to wagagai peak. You can decide to hire porters who will help in carrying your bags and you will be having various stop overs. Cooks, guides and porters are the ones on the highlight of the trip. They are well informed and knowledgeable about the mountain and you will prepare for you good meals throughout.

After hiking Wagagai peak on mountain Elgon, you can also visit Bwindi impenetrable national park for a wonderful experience that is gorilla trekking and get an opportunity to explore more about these primates. You can visit Queen Elizabeth national park and take a boat cruise on Kazinga channel where you will see various water wildlife animals like hippos, crocodiles and many more or you may also participate in game drive and watch a lot of wildlife animals such as buffaloes, giraffes,  Uganda kob, hippos plus countless bird species.

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