Congo student safaris to Virunga National Park

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DR. Congo Student Trips & Safaris

Butterfly Species In Semuliki National park.

Butterfly in Virunga National Park

Are you looking for DR. Congo student trips & safaris? The democratic republic of Congo abbreviated as DR. Congo is one of the unexploited destinations in Africa. It is found in central Africa neighboring Uganda in the western direction. The democratic republic of Congo is rich in various attractions, both cultural and natural attractions as well as features that are important for the students to study and explore.

In Africa, the democratic republic of Congo is the biggest country with the majority of the country characterized by intact tropical rain forests and remote areas characterized by high elevated areas.

At Africa adventure vacations, we organize DR. Congo students’ trips/safaris to enable students to enrich themselves with practical knowledge by seeing exactly what is taking place within the field. Our DR. Congo students’ trips/safaris are organized for students from all corners of the world especially those from European countries, America, Asia, and Africa.

This DR. Congo student trips/safaris are ideal for the students at all levels, the researchers, lectures, or infrastructures among others. The DR. Congo students’ trips/safaris are cost-effective and all the students interested in exploring Congo as students and learning more about the countries wildlife richness should contact us for the better organization of this wonderful educative trip.

Where to go in DR. Congo student trips / safaris

Our DR. Congo students’ trips/safaris will take you to various destinations in Congo as we study the very structures and features available in each park. Some of the major destinations that we shall visit for our DR. Congo students trips/safaris include;

Congo student trips to Nyiragongo Volcanoes:

Mount Nyiragongo Group Safaris

Mount Nyiragongo Hiking

This is one of the most attractive volcanoes in the Democratic Public of Congo provided that is the largest Volcanoes on earth. It is very active with its last eruption happening in May 2021. This a wonderful attraction featuring the views of the Oldest Park Virunga national park and visitors takes about 5 hours to get to the summit of the Nyiragongo Volcano. The Nyiragongo volcanoes are bounded by other 8 Virunga volcanoes that include Karisimbi, Gahinga, Muhabura, Mount Bisoke, Sabinyo, and others but climbing the Nyiragongo volcanoes will give you the best experience of all the volcanoes. Filming the Nyiragongo Mountain is ones of the best adventure activity that everyone would be interested to shoot and releases documentaries of the volcanoes. You will hike the volcanoes as you learn the process that led to the formation of the Nyiragongo crater and why it erupted recently.

Congo student trips to Loya Ya Bonobo Sanctuary:

The Bonobos are great attractions in the Kinshasa Congo and the sanctuary was named Loya Ya Bonobo Sanctuary which means the Home of bonobos in the Congos frequently used Lingala language. The great Banobos were hunted illegally for their meat and when the parents are killed, their young ones were sold as pets and this is the reason why the Loya Ya Bonobo Sanctuary was set up to provide the orphanage to these bonobos especially the rescued ones. This sanctuary has played an important rolled in securing the lives of the bonobos currently the Loya Ya Bonobo Sanctuary covers an area equivalent to 30 hectares of land full of forest and you can explore the forest as and see different feeding stations that the staff use to help track these big apes. You will learn who that bonobo is and why they need to be conserved.

Congo student trips to Kahunzi- Biega National Park:

The students will be so interesting after visiting the UNESCO world heritage site Kahuzi-Biega National Park that is known for harboring the lowland gorilla trekking. You will see these [primates as well as measures put in place to protect these animals which are endangered.

Congo student safaris to Virunga National Park:

This is also known for harboring the endangered mountain gorillas and it is also the world’s world UNESCO site. It is also a destination that is known for the gorilla trekking in DR. Congo. The students will also learn about animals contained within the Virunga national park such as the elephants and over 400 species of birds. Learn the different ecosystems of the park and how animals depend on each other in the wild.

Congo student safaris in Kudelungu National Park:

Kudelungu national park is one of the magnificent parks in the Democratic Republic of Congo near the Upemba national park in the Katanga province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The park was one of the hunting grounds on a private basis but later it was preserved and protected for tourism conservation following its declaration as a protected area and all the illegal activities were stoppedThere are also things that you can see in Kudelungu National Park that you can film such as the rich ecosystem comprised of the savannah grassland with perches of the forest spot galleries which is so interesting. This provides a good habitat for some of the wonderful wildlife species which you will see as you’re doing your filming activity of Lofoil Falls. You will learn more about species of wildlife such as the hippopotamus, porcupines, jackals, primates such as monkeys, rare snakes, warthogs, and some interesting bird species such as the pelicans, the marabou stork, and the egrets among others. For lucky visitors, you’re likely to see some lions, leopards, and zebras but is very hard to see these big cats.

Other destinations that you will explore during pour DR. Congo students’ trips/safaris include the Maiko National Park, Upemba National Park, Salonga National Park, Mangroves National Park, Garamba national park and take you to various areas of interest for students such as the students’ trips to Ichuli forest, the Ishasha river, the Congo river among others.

All the above areas in Congo will be explored through game drives, birding safaris, gorilla trekking, golden monkey trekking, community walks, hiking among other sensitizations of interest.

Is it safe to organize DR. Congo student safaris?

It is very safe. Well, we all know that over recent years DR. Congo has been affected by instabilities that have threatened the investors as well as the tourism industry into the country. Such instabilities and disasters have come in form of Ebola and other rebellion conflicts which had halted the safaris activities including DR. Congo student’s safaris in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

However, as the of recent, the Congo is now on the track of peace as there are limited cases of instabilities and now DR. Congo student’s safaris in the Democratic Republic of Congo is safe and booming and therefore, we can assure you that it is safe to go to Congo on DR. Congo student’s safaris. As Africa Adventure Vacations, we keep tracking and monitoring any security threat from time to time and we are very cautious in that anytime we feel the threat, then we can let you know and this advisory service is always given before taking the DR. Congo student safaris.

Where to stay while in DR. Congo for student safaris?

Mikeno Lodge

Mikeno Lodge in Virunga National Park

Congo has not fully developed accommodation facilities and thus students will be encouraged to go cost-effective camping. In some areas, there are various accommodation facilities which are found especially in Virunga National park and these lodges include the Bukima Tented Camp and Kibumba tented camp which are budget lodges and each night range from 90 to 100 United States Dollars per night per person, then there are luxury lodges in Virunga National Park and these include Mikeno Lodge which ranges from 200 United States dollars and 400 United States dollars and then Mid-range lodges Tchegera island Camp and Lulimbi Tented Camp where you can pay 100-200 united states dollars.

What is the Best time to go for the DR. Congo wildlife student trips?

Congo student’s trips are organized throughout the year, this means that each school can arrange to go to DR. Congo for the student’s educative trips every time they feel and here at Africa adventure vacations, we are ever open to book for you the DR. Congo student trip. Although the DR. Congo wildlife student trips can be organized throughout the year, it is good to go to get for this trip during the dry season especially in June, July, August, September, October, December, January, and February. During the dry season, you will enjoy the uninterrupted lectures in the wild since there are limited chances of rainfall during this period.

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