Congo Tailor-Made Trips

Several tourists visit national parks such as Virunga and Kahuzi Biega for memorable safari activities

Congo Tailor-Made Trips

Are you looking for Congo Tailor-Made Trips in Central Africa? DR Congo is one of the destinations in Africa with different safari packages due its different attractions which are found within different parts of the country. By the tailor-made safaris, you will suggest the areas where you want to visit in DR Congo and send to us at Africa Adventure Vacations, we shall make the costing and suggest anywhere we think you can have the most amazing experience while on your tailor-made trip. While suggesting for these safaris, you can inform us which activities you want to do, the accommodation facilities you want to stay let it be luxury, midrange or budget and the type of transportation system you want whether the road transport or air transport without telling us your budget and then for us we shall begin the process of making you the quotation.

Places to visit on Luxury Congo Vacations And Holiday Travel

The following places can be visited on your Congo Tailor-Made Trips;

Virunga national park

Virunga national park is the most visited national park in DR Congo. It was gazetted in 1925 making it the oldest national park in Africa. The Park is home to endangered mountain gorillas which are left in only 4 national parks of Africa. The Park also harbors some of the 8 Virunga mountains like Mountain Nyamuragira and Mountain Nyiragongo which is the most active volcano in the world after erupting in May 2021. Virunga national park is home to 196 mammal species, 22 primate species, and 706 bird species.

Kahuzi Biega national park

Kahuzi Biega is one of the 9 national parks of DR Congo located in the eastern part of the country. Kahuzi Biega national park is home to eastern lowland gorillas, 136 species of mammals, 13 primates, and 349 bird species. The Park also hosts two mountains Kahuzi and Biega.

Mountain Nyiragongo

DR Congo has got so many mountains namely Mount Bisoke, Mount Karisimbi, Mount Kahuzi, Mount Nyiragongo, Mount Sabyinyo, and Mount Nyamuragira but hiking is mainly done on Mount Nyiragongo which is the most active volcano in the world.

What to do / tourism activities on  Congo Tailor-Made Trips

The following tourism activities can be done during your Congo Tailor-Made Trips and safaris

Mountain gorilla trekking

Virunga national park is where mountain gorilla trekking is done in Virunga national park. It’s the most done activity in the park which has 8 habituated gorilla families open for trekking at any time of the year. For one to take part in gorilla trekking they must have 15 years and above and should possess valid gorilla permits.

Gorilla trekking starts with the briefing at the park headquarters where trekkers are taught about rules and regulations, grouped, and given a ranger guide to lead them into the forest. after locating mountain gorillas, trekkers are given a maximum of 1 hour to be around mountain gorillas as they learn more about their behaviors and also take photos.

Eastern gorilla trekking

Eastern gorillas in DR Congo are only found in Kahuzi Biega national park which is located in the eastern part of DR Congo. Kahuzi Biega national park has 2 gorilla families that are open for trekking. Just like mountain gorilla trekking, eastern gorilla trekking starts with a briefing at the park headquarters in the morning where trekkers are taught about the rules and regulations of the activity. After the briefing, the trekkers head out to the forest with the help of the guide who takes them through different trails of the park. After sometime the gorillas are located and where you are given a maximum of 1 hour to be around these gentle apes as you learn about their behaviors and also take photos.

Visit Senkwekwe gorilla orphanage

Senkwekwe gorilla orphanage is located within Virunga national park next to Mikeno lodge and is home to orphaned mountain gorillas. it’s the only place in the world where you can find orphaned gorillas that lose their mothers due to wars or poaching. When you visit the Senkwekwe gorilla orphanage you will take in some activities such as feeding the gorillas, nursing wounds, and also interact with the gorillas in captivity by comparing their lifestyle and behaviors with gorillas in the wild.

Mountain Nyiragongo hiking

Nyiragongo volcano is found in Virunga national park which is located in the eastern part of the country. Mountain Nyiragongo is an active volcano with an elevation of 3470 m above sea level. Hiking starts with a briefing at the park headquarters where you are taught the rules and regulations of the hiking activity. After the briefing, you are paired and a ranger guide leads you to the summit of the volcano. In case of heavy luggage, you can hire a porter at an affordable price. While hiking mountain Nyiragongo you will meet some of the forest animals, bird species, and different tree species though much of the vegetation was destroyed by hot lava during the last eruption which occurred in May 2021.

Hiking mountain Nyiragongo takes only 4-5 hours to get to the top of the mountain. At the top of the mountain is the largest boiling lava lake in the world. The summit of Nyiragongo volcano also gives you stunning views of the surroundings, mountain Rwenzori, other Virunga mountains, lake Kivu, Kahuzi Biega national park, and Goma city.

Where to stay on a Congo Tailor-Made Trips and Safaris

Different travel destinations have several accommodation facilities ranging from budget to mid-range to luxury so where to stay depends on your travel budget.

Virunga national park – Mikeno lodge, Tchegera islands, Lulimbi tented camp, Kibumba tented camp, Bukima tented camp, and Nyiragongo volcano wooden shelter.

Kahuzi Biega national park – L’Orchids safari club, coco lodge, hotel begonias Bukavu, Exodus Bukavu budget, Mount Kahuzi hotel, Exodus Bukavu, and lakeside hotel Bukavu.

Mountain Nyiragongo – Nyiragongo volcano cabins

Best time to go for Congo Tailor-Made Trips & Safaris

DR Congo can be visited at any time of the year but the best time to visit the country is during the dry season of June to September and December to January when there is less or no rainfall. The dry season comes with thin vegetation cover, dry trails, and passable roads.

The wet season is also good to visit DR Congo if you hate crowds and also favors the budget travelers because there are discounts on gorilla trekking permits costing $200 as well as the lodges sell their accommodation facilities cheaply.

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