Congo Family Safaris

Here is the heart of gorilla trekking in DR Congo and prime tourism destination to the east and central African region

Congo Family Safaris

Book and enjoy our DR Congo Travel family safaris here at Africa Adventure Vacations. Can you imagine what the experience would be like as you take your family on a tour in the jungles of the Democratic Republic of Congo? How about traveling with your partner and your kids in the same vehicle or flight? These experiences are the true bonding between parents and children. Taking a family trip relieves you and your family of some of the stress. Think of new ideas, smile at each other, and enjoy the free talk as you enjoy the best memories from your trip. I had the most interesting, unusual conversations and stories after the experience. You will understand that the world is very interesting and great, provided you leave your comfort zone and come with the family to Congo for the best family tour. The children will feel much torched as they move through the African safaris with their parents, which creates wonderful memories and great atmospheres for the wonderful safari tours. Congo family travel safaris are very possible and will include transportation as well as accommodation facilities, with the well-being of the children and your family as guide.

During our Congo family travel safaris, you will be able to travel to the central part of the African country called the Democratic Republic of Congo. The country shares a border with other countries such as Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi, and Burundi, and we have chosen to guide your family safari to Congo because the country features activities that favor both children and adults. Some of the activities that are the focus during this safari include hiking, gorilla trekking, visiting the local community people, playing football, storytelling, and traditional cultural performances, all of which are aimed at making sure that you enjoy the best safaris and have a wonderful safari experience that will meet and even surpass your African travel safari expectations.

Our Congo family safari areas highlight

Visiting the Virunga National Park: The Virunga National Park is of great importance when it comes to gorilla tourism in Congo, and the park has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park is full of biodiversity and has attracted several visitors. The endangered mountain gorillas and golden monkeys call this park their home. Other than these, the Virunga National Park also features unique bird and mammal species that cannot be seen during your Congo safaris, making the tour the most memorable one. Congo’s Virunga has turned out to be the tourist destination that almost all the tourists who head to Congo have to explore for the gorilla trekking activity. As you walk into the Virunga National Park, seeing the gorillas, you should know that there are rules that you must follow, and make sure that you are over the age of 15. You will be blown away once you have seen all of the gorillas. It will only take you one hour to see the gorilla and experience its accompanying experience, get certified, and return to your lodge.

During your Congo safari, explore the active Nyiragongo mountains; hiking the Nyiragongo up to its summit has become an adorable activity for most family groups visiting Congo. The volcano is the most active volcano with the least number of eruptions happening in 2021 and is the visitors’ base from the Goma area to start their Nyiragongo Hiking Safari. Please come with your family and enjoy the Congo mountain climbing. This is one of the sweetest and most wonderful experiences that you will ever have during your Congo family safari.

Exploring the Kahunzi-Biega National Park during your Congo visit Kahunzi-Biega National Park is also a wonderful national park that is also known for gorilla trekking. Lowland gorillas can be found here in the Kahunzi Biega National Park. These gorillas are so interesting, and they are big as compared to the usually endangered mountain gorillas. Other than gorilla trekking, Kahunzi-Biega national park features many bird species, which makes it the most wonderful season for bird watching. There are other interesting activities and attractions, which include forest buffaloes as well as elephants, and these are good for the gorilla family safaris.

Is it safe to take a family safari in the Congo?

Yes, taking the Congo family safari is very safe, and you can take the Congo family safari any time you would like to travel within the Congo family safari. People used to fear taking safaris in Congo, but now the safari would be safer since the Congo has done all that it takes to ensure that the visitors are safe and the infrastructure has been set for the visitors who are interested in enjoying the family safari. If you are visiting as a family, all you need to do is purchase a gorilla permit for $400 each, get a few vaccinations, and bring enough great cameras for the entire family. Also, bring jumpers because the area is cool in some ways, mosquito repellent to use during the journey meeting to ward off bugs, and complete your climbing clothing with shoes, optics, and long-sleeved shirts to use during climbing time. We provide you with a sample of the objections you should consider while on a family safari in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which will satisfy the interests of each relative. Please come and contact Africa Adventure Vacations for the best Congo gorilla family safaris and other East African countries.

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