Community Tours In Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve

The cultural encounters with one of the local Karamojong communities near the wildlife reserve will offer you an amazing cultural experience

Community Tours In Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve

Community tours- Pian Upe wildlife reserve is situated in the Karamoja region where we find the Karamojong people who are comparable to the Masai of Kenya and Tanzania. These people have a rich culture and tradition that is thrilling to experience even though they are branded to be hostile in the early days of their settlement. The Karamojong are famous for their pastoral practices. The cultural encounters with one of the local Karamojong communities near the wildlife reserve will offer you an amazing cultural experience on occasional cultural music, dance, and drama performance by the local people most especially the popular Edonga dance.

Pian Upe derives its name from its community where ‘’Pian’’ refers to a clan among the Karamojong people of north-eastern Uganda while “Upe” refers to a Kalenjin speaking pastoralist community of the Karamongs who are said to have originated from the Pokot tribe in Kenya but now settled close to the wildlife reserve in Amudat district. “Pian” actually means “calm hearted people” while “Upe” means “enemy” when both words are combined, you get the word “friendly enemies”. These people are predominantly pastoralists and stay in a very traditional lifestyle, only being cantered around their cattle. This group is mainly located in Nakapiripirit district close to Pian Upe headquarters.

Best time to visit Pian Upe wildlife reserve for Community Tours

Yes, community tours  can be done throughout the year in Pian Upe wildlife reserve.  However, the best time to visit and Pian Upe wildlife reserve is between January to march when the environment is dry, During this period, reserve management also carries out controlled bush burning to keep the grass short, leaving the vegetation dry and it becomes easier to view the animals around the main water sources when they gather for a drink or bathing. Girik river which is situated in the southern part of the reserve is a source of water for animals living in this semi-arid region. From November to December, it is a dry season but the vegetation is still lush making it difficult to spot animals hidden in the grass and treetops.

From April to October, it’s always a rainy season, so the trails are usually muddy thus the roads are even impassable due to flooding making community tours nearly impossible. The tracks in Pian Upe wildlife reserve are not well developed so, in the wet season, it can be a bit difficult, with lush vegetation, bad aerial views. Visitors are always advised to travel in a 4WD land cruiser most preferably in case of weather challenges. Book your safari to the reserve with Africa Adventure Vacations

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