Characteristics of Mountain Gorillas

First and foremost, they stay in the tropical rain forest and have thick bamboo trees

Characteristics of Mountain Gorillas

Characteristics of Mountain Gorillas: These are endangered wild animals that live in the central part of Africa in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo. In Rwanda and Uganda, they are found in Virungas which is at the borders of both countries. In Uganda they are found in Mgahinga and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park which is located in the south western parts of Uganda. The DNA of Mountain gorillas is 98% relative to human beings which right after Baboons and Chimpanzees. Mountain gorillas have got some of the below characteristics;

First and foremost, they stay in the tropical rain forest and have thick bamboo trees.

Secondly, Mountain gorillas are western lowland gorillas and are known as the largest wild primates with a body of 1.7 meters in length and 165 kilograms. You should know that adult females weigh 71.5kgs and 1.5 meters height. Male adults weigh 220 kg and for females weigh 97.7kgs.

Mountain Gorillas have approximately 32 teeth which is alike to human beings. Mountain gorilla teeth are strong and large thus can chew vegetation which they consume. Their teeth keeps developing big and sharp as they grow old. They have milk teeth which is exactly like that of humans and as they grow old they are replaced with permanent teeth set.

You can differentiate mountain gorillas depending on the wrinkles in the nose and shape.  In fact they are known as nose prints and in some cases, you can’t tell if mountain gorillas have tail. Anyway mountain gorillas have no tails like monkeys.

Mountain gorillas are well known to have larger muscles in their arms if compared to the legs. The main reason as to why it is like this is because arms are used for gathering and bending but still they walk on four limbs. The gorilla arms are 30cm longer than the human arms. Their bodies enables them to lift and squeeze heavy objects.

Mountain gorillas stay in 10-15 group member family. The silverback is the leader of family group. When the silverback goes on to grow old, it acquires silver grey hair at the bark and this put a difference between it and other gorillas that are dark skinned and have black to brown grey hair.

Mountain Gorillas have a stomach that is bigger than their chests. The reason is because the intestines are larger and this contains the bulky vegetables which they ingest.

Mountain Gorillas are expected to live around 30-40 years. A female gorilla gestation period is around 8 months and it gives birth to either 1 or 2 infants in every 2 years.

Mountain Gorillas ingest fruits, vegetation and leaves during the day and nights. They also display their nests for resting.

Mountain Gorillas act alike to humans because they are 98% close to humans in their daily lives and this includes feeding, grooming silverbacks, protecting their families to death and the young ones. It is a wonderful experience to go for.

If you have understood the gorilla characteristics, you should visit mountain gorillas to have a memorable experience in your lifetime.

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