Booking Gorilla Permit In Uganda

Gorilla permit booking information focuses on giving you details to prepare well your gorilla safari experience.

Booking Gorilla Permit In Uganda

Booking gorilla permit in Uganda- You need a gorilla permit issued out by the countries’ national body responsible for managing national parks to trek mountain gorillas. Africa adventure vacations provide relevant gorilla permit booking information for Rwanda and Uganda to enable you to plan your gorilla safari very well.

You are strongly advised to obtain your gorilla trekking permit 3-4 months in advance while booking a gorilla tour, always pay your gorilla permit fee in advance to enable us to obtain it for you.

Gorilla trekking is assured only when you have secured a gorilla permit. Uganda and Rwanda gorilla permits are very competitive and scarce most especially during the high seasons of June, July, August, and September as well as December, January, and February. During the high season, the gorilla permits get sold four months in advance so any traveler needs to book a gorilla trekking permit 3-4 months in advance.

What is a gorilla trekking permit?

A gorilla permit is a document or an electronic card issued out by the Uganda wildlife authority of Uganda or Rwanda development board giving you access to any tourist ages 15 and above to track mountain gorillas in their natural habitats. These gorilla permits allow you to view mountain gorillas for only one hour but the gorilla trekking activity itself can take 30 minutes to 7 hours while looking for mountain gorillas in the jungle.

Gorilla permit booking information focuses on giving you details to prepare well your gorilla safari experience.

How can you obtain a Uganda gorilla trekking permit after pressing my booking?

Kindly contact Africa Adventure Vacations Limited for any information you need in preparation to plan your gorilla safari, for example, desired trekking dates, months, and the year, you have to also select a country of our expertise either Uganda, Rwanda, or DR Congo. After you have checked with us, we will have to contact the Uganda wildlife authority a body in charge of national parks to check the availability of the gorilla permits on the days you submitted to us, and after we shall get back to you for confirmation. We accompany it with the invoice so that payment is made to our account so that we purchase for you a gorilla permit in advance and send scanned copies to you.

You will also send us your passport scanned details as a requirement for the Uganda wildlife authority to print out and issue a gorilla trekking permit.

Price for booking a gorilla trekking permit in Uganda

A Uganda gorilla trekking permit costs 700 per person per trek, that is to say with this kind of permit a tourist is given one hour to spend with the mountain gorillas. A gorilla habituation permit in Uganda costs $1500 per person per trek, with a gorilla habituation permit a tourist is allowed four hours to spend with mountain gorillas as they learn about their habits and behaviors.

A single gorilla permit can only be used once a day and by a single person to trek mountain gorillas in Uganda in two national parks is Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga gorilla park. Gorilla trekking permits are purchased from Uganda wildlife authority head offices in Kampala and they cost $700 for foreign nonresidents, $600 for foreign residents, and shs. 250000 for citizens of east Africa. Africa adventure vacations organize all-inclusive tours to meet eye to eye with mountain gorillas.

Tourists intending to trek mountain gorillas in volcanoes national park Rwanda can buy gorilla permits from Rwanda development board in Kigali city by paying $1500.

How does this gorilla permit work?

When intending to trek mountain gorillas in Uganda most especially Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, you must consider the type of gorilla permit you hold or planning to have. The permit determines the sector in which you will be trekking gorillas and the accommodation lodge (place to stay). Unlike other mountain gorilla national parks, Bwindi impenetrable forest national has four sectors open for gorilla trekking meaning that each sector has its own gorilla families and accommodation properties.

Gorilla trekking sectors in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park include Buhoma, Rushaga, Ruhija, and Nkuringo.

To confirm any accommodation property has to be determined by the gorilla trekking permit you will have booked.

Each tacking sector has its own gorilla families and those interested in trekking given sectors should let Africa Adventure Vacations know so that we act accordingly while booking your gorilla permit.

It’s more important that the gorilla family allocation happens on the day of trekking where trekkers are grouped according to their age, physical ability, and interest so that they allocate you a gorilla family that will help you achieve it. Therefore, for any kind of information contact Africa Adventure Vacations Limited.

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