Bird Watching In Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve

The reserve is one distinguished place for hosting quite several rare birds

Bird Watching In Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve

Bird watching in Pian Upe wildlife reserve- This reserve has become one of Uganda’s top bird watching destinations. Pian Upe wildlife reserve offers some great bird watching experiences with a variety of different bird species found here. The area’s ecosystem has attracted unique bird species making the reserve a desired birding destination in Africa. Some of the bird species in the Pian Upe wildlife reserve include; the rare Ostriches which are better seen while in this reserve related to Kidepo valley national park, the Karamoja Apalis which is an endemic bird only seen in the north-eastern part of Uganda. Other bird species in the reserve include; Superb sterlings, Secretary bird, Green bitta, Abyssinian ground hornbill, the Fox weaver bird, and the rare shoebill stock that can be spotted in the park’s stretch of land.

Other top things to see in Pian Upe wildlife reserve

Pian Upe wildlife reserve is one distinguished place for hosting quite several rare animals that can’t be found anywhere else in Uganda such as a healthy population of cheetahs and Uganda’s only remaining population of roan antelopes. Seeing the cheetah measures up to 80% chances thus Pian Upe wildlife reserve is the best area to spot the world’s fastest mammal. Other predators the reserve hosts include; wildcats, spotted hyenas, jackals, civets, several cats, leopards, pride of lions are reported to periodically travel between the nearby Amudat wildlife conservation area and Pian Upe wildlife reserve.

The reserve harbors large herds of ungulates including the common eland, a small population of zebra, Gunther’s dik dik, hartebeests, oribis, and the impalas which were recently relocated here from lake Mburo national park, cape buffaloes, waterbucks, Uganda kob, klipspringers, blue and common duiker, the bohor and mountain reedbuck also enjoy the homely Pian Upe wildlife reserve. Some of the rare animals in the wildlife reserve including patas monkeys and vervet monkeys, African hare, aardvarks, crested porcupine, rock hyrax, olive baboons, and four toied hedgehogs.

Pian Upe wildlife reserve harbors a variety of reptiles among which include the common agama, venomous puff adders, chameleons, crocodiles, rock pythons, and savannah monitors. Pain Upe wildlife reserve is still untouched with low numbers of visitors, this guarantees all wildlife sightings in a private, and intimate experience, dismissing crowds that can be seen in other national parks. Morning and evening game drives are the best hours to see most of the animals with the dazzling sunsets and sunrises for example every morning the sun comes out behind the mountains and descends over the horizon in some of the most fascinating sunsets. Most of the wild animals in the Pian Upe wildlife reserve had become extinct during the time of insurgencies, however; the Uganda wildlife authority is soon introducing most of the animal species to reactive the wildlife reserve for tourism development.

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