Best Time To Visit Semuliki National Park

Dry season is the best time to visit Semuliki national park. The two dry seasons are from December to February and from June to July.

Best Time To Visit Semuliki National Park

Best time to visit Semuliki National Park. It was established in 1993. Semuliki National Park is located in western side of Uganda and is one of the newest national parks in Uganda, the park is located in Bwamba County in Bundibudgyo district bordering with Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo in the western arm of the East African rift valley, Semuliki National park borders with Mountain Rwenzori to south west and Lake Albert to the north of the park. The park covers an area of 220 square km.

Semuliki National Park is Africa’s richest areas for both flora and fauna most especially birds with over 441  bird species i.e. the long-tailed hawk, Congo serpent and Nkulengu rail of which these can’t be found anywhere in east Africa. Other bird species include. Shoebill, dwarf honey guide, Yellow throated Cuckoo, yellow-throated Nicator, Great blue and Ross’s turaco, purple breasted sunbird, orange weaver, white crested hornbill, Red-billed Dwarf Hornbill, African Pacolet, Swamp Palm Bulbul etc.

Semuliki is also blessed with 53 mammals among which include bush babies, leopards, African lion, waterbuck, crocodile Ugandan Kob, African buffalo, Leopard, Hippopotamus, Mona monkey, water chevrotain, bush babies, African civet, African elephant, bush pigs     etc. the park has also got the forest cover, Batwa group of people with their unique culture, tradition and music. Then the female and male hot springs where you can cook your eggs in case you’re hungry.

The following are the best seasons / time to go visit Semuliki national park

Dry season is the best time to visit Semuliki national park. The two dry seasons are from December to February and from June to July. In this season vegetation is thin and animals gather at waterholes, making them easy to spot, chimpanzee trekking is easy because of drier trails. But the bad thing here is that the amazing views are hindered by the haze.

The west seasons. This happens during months of March, April and  May then August, September and November this is the season when roads are sleeper and impassable and game viewing drives are limited. And in this season the there are green landscapes and migratory birds can be seen but the some roads become impassable, trails become slippery after rains.

But because Semuliki National Park has a variety of attractions like trees, flowers, birds and mammals the national park, River Semuliki, hot springs male called Sempaya hot springs and the female with a geyser where you can cook eggs, primates and much more you can visit any time of the year

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