Best luxury lodges in Lake Bunyonyi.

Lake Bunyonyi has 29 islands surrounded by green and lush terraced hills.

Best Luxury Lodges In Lake Bunyonyi

Are you looking for the best luxury lodges in lake Bunyonyi? Lake Bunyonyi is the most beautiful lake in Uganda found in Kisoro and Kabale districts close to Uganda Rwanda border in south western Uganda. Lake Bunyonyi is said the be the deepest lake in Uganda and the second biggest lake in Africa perhaps that’s the reason why the lake waters have no crocodiles and hippos at the shores of the lake. The word Bunyonyi means small birds in Rukiga language and that’s why the lake is also so called the place of many little birds. Lake Bunyonyi has 29 islands surrounded by green and lush terraced hills. The famous island on Lake Bunyonyi is Akampene island which is also known as the punishment island where the Bakiga people used to take girls who got pregnant before marriage and leave them there to starve and die of hunger and even  some would die trying to swim to the mainland because they never had skills. Some girls were lucky that their men who never had bride price would go and pick them but this action was stopped in 1960’s

Main islands at Lake Bunyonyi include Bushara Island, Kyahugye Island, Bwama Island, Bucuranka Island, Njuyeera Island which is the sharpest and many others. There are about 209 recorded bird species recorded at Lake Bunyonyi and the place also acts as a breeding area for birds. The birds at Lake Bunyonyi include grey crowned cranes, levillant cuckoo, slender billed baglafetch, egrets, weavers, African harrier hawk, white tailed cuckoo, herons and sunbirds among others. These birds at Lake Bunyonyi are residents while others are migratory birds from Europe in winter times. The lake mainly attracts honeymooners, birders and tourists from gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga national park and others from Kibale forest national park and Queen Elizabeth National Park for relaxation. Activities done at Lake Bunyonyi include visiting the Batwa people, visiting the islands, boat cruise, fishing and zip lining.

Best luxury lodges in Lake Bunyonyi.

Arcadia cottages

Arcadia cottages are found in western Uganda in Lake Bunyonyi which is the deepest lake in Uganda. The lodge is the highest lodge on the rolling hills of Kabale giving you clear views of Lake Bunyonyi and its highlands. The lodge has 25 cottages with large balconies overlooking the lake and its islands stretching over 14 acres of land. The cottages are self-contained with private toilet, bathroom and a balcony made out of wood. Their rooms range from double, single, twin, triple and they also have family rooms to meet all your numbers whether you have come alone or in a group. The loge has a fully stocked bar with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, a good kitchen with local and international dishes prepared by professional chefs. The property amenities at arcadia cottages include free parking, hot tub, free internet, restaurant, bar, baggage storage, laundry services, free breakfast and pets are allowed. Arcadia cottages organizes activities for tourists such as birding, zip lining, boat canoeing, Batwa visits, gorilla trekking in Bwindi, motorboat trips and swimming.

Birdnest Resort Lake Bunyonyi

Birdnest Bunyonyi is found at the shores of Lake Bunyonyi the most beautiful lake in Uganda with over 29 islands. The lodge has about 20 self-contained decorated luxurious rooms built in a local style using grass thatched roofs with each having a flushing toilet, running showers and a mosquito net. Each room at Birdnest Bunyonyi has its own balcony and veranda to relax while gives you stunning views of the lake, some islands, rolling hills, surrounding area and cool breeze from the waters. Birdnest offers services such as free parking, pool, health and fitness centers, fire place, free breakfast, laundry services, business center, gift shop, bar and restaurant which prepares different food types both local and international. The lodge organizes activities for their visitors such as motorboat trips, gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable national park, canoe trips, nature walk, hiking, bird watching, swimming and Batwa visit. People from gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable park, chimpanzee trekking in Kibale forest national park and lion trekking or game drives in queen Elizabeth national park not forgetting birders and honeymooners should come and relax from Birdnest Bunyonyi resort because its 65km which is just an hour drive from the park to the lake.

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