Attractions At Mweya peninsula in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Mweya peninsula is located on the northern bank of the Kazinga channel which connects Lake George to Lake Albert.

Attractions At Mweya Peninsula

Attractions at Mweya peninsula: The peninsula is situated in Queen Elizabeth national park and is a hub for tourism activities in the park. The park was gazetted in 1952 as Kazinga channel and later renamed to queen Elizabeth national park after the 11th queen of Britain, Queen Elizabeth national park is managed by Uganda wildlife authority and harbors a lot of wildlife that’s to say 95 mammals species with a big four animals, 600 bird species, primates such as chimpanzees among.

Mweya peninsula is located on the northern bank of the Kazinga channel which connects Lake George to Lake Albert. Mweya area includes the channel track, dense vegetation cover dominated by candelabra, and thorny bushes which makes game viewing challenging, and also many game tracks for game drives. The majority of guests ta Mweya enjoy a two-hour boat cruise at the Kazinga channel which happens in the morning at 8 and in the evening or afternoon hours and hot air balloon safaris.

Birds of Mweya peninsula:

The peninsula is a savannah woodland area between Kazinga channel and Lake Edward with a lot of bird species such as African mourning dove, died Erik cuckoo, raptors, slender tailed nightjar, swamp flycatcher, red chested sunbird, Nubian woodpecker, blue napped mousebird, little bee-eater, lesser masked weaver, yellow-backed weaver, Pin-tailed whydah, slender-billed weaver among others

Mammals of Mweya Peninsula:

Mweya peninsula is one of the top tourist attractions that attract travelers to go and see wildlife in Queen Elizabeth national park. Animals in Mweya peninsula are seen during the game drives and nature walks which start from the Crater Lake known as Nyamunuka and goes through different trials in thick and thorny bushes with mammals which include leopards, buffaloes, elephants, hyenas, waterbucks, forest hogs, warthogs, lions, elephants, bush pigs among others which live in the bush

Kazinga channel in Mweya Peninsula:

Many visitors can’t miss out on the boat cruise in the Mweya peninsula because it is breathtaking. The boat cruise is done twice a day that’s the morning session and evening session done for two hours starting near Mweya safari lodge. With the board cruise at the shores of the Kazinga channel, you will find the largest population of hippos and crocodiles. The evening session of the boat cruise allows you to see animals quench their thirst on the freshwaters. Animals include lions, elephants, antelopes as well as water birds which include billed stork among others seen near the waters. You as well get to see a 40km water body connecting Lake George to Lake Edward on the northern side of Queen Elizabeth national park.

Apart from the Mweya peninsula, there are other sectors to visit in queen Elizabeth national park these include the Ishasha sector popularly known for climbing lions located in the southern park of Queen Elizabeth national park where you will get to see lions resting on fig tree branches spotting their prey, Katwe area, Kasenyi area which harbors several mammals as well as Maramagambo area among others.

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