Activities in Semuliki National Park

Top things to do in the park

Activities in Semuliki National Park Uganda

Semuliki national park is located in the western Uganda with a number of activities. It is a major spot for bird watching and cultural encounters.

Top activities:

Birding in Semuliki

Cultural Encounters in Semuliki

Hot Springs in Semuliki

Game Drives in Semuliki

Hiking and Nature Walks

Birding in semuliki national park.

Birders in the Semuliki National park will be rewarded with some of Africa’s best forest birding. The best parts for birding are Ntandi and Sempaya, they provide good viewing of the birds for example   Piping Hornbill, White-crested Hornbill, Great blue and Ross’s Turacos. Kirumia river is also the best place for spotting birds, the shoebill can be seen around the quarters of L. Albert and Nature walks are best for tracking water birds.

Cultural experience in semuliki.

Semuliki forest is the source of income for Batwa hunter since they depend on shelter, food, medicine and the tools of semuliki forest. This results into interaction with other local communities.

Accessing income for Batwa culture, this enables them to maintain their rich cultural history through dance and music at Ntandi. Batwa hunters also practice handcrafts for sale.

Hot Springs In Semuliki

Hot spring is the best attraction activity done in Semuliki National park. Hiking through, the monkey visitors in Semuliki also cook matooke and eggs in the bubbling waters.

On the trail to the male outer springs leading to the patch of forest where visitors spot grey-cheeked red-tailed monkeys, mangabeys, black-and-white colobus monkeys. There is a tree house that provides the best aerial view. While hiking from the main road via palm forest you reach the inner female springs. Hungry hikers enjoy cooking eggs and matooke in these boiling waters. The hike is of 30 minutes and the inner female spring is over run by boiling geyser.

Game drives in semuliki national park.

Game drive and wildlife viewing is one of the most activities semuliki national park and can be done in three tracks across the savannah and grassland of Toro Semuliki wildlife reserve. Savannah elephants, buffaloes, Uganda kob, crocodile, waterbuck and warthog are regularly seen. Sometimes, you can also spot leopards and pygmy hippopotami.

Visitors can take morning, afternoon and night game drives, you may also view nocturnal wildlife such as white-tailed mongoose and among others.

Hiking and nature walks in semuliki national park.

Sampaya Nature walks is 8km, visitors can view sampaya hot spring and primates such as chimpanzee, vervet monkey, blue monkey and olive baboon. This hike is mostly done in the morning and afternoon hours. It takes 2- 4 hours.

Red Monkey Track is 11km to the eastern border of the park. In this area you sight DeBrazza’s monkey while walking towards the Semliki River.

The trail from Kirumia is 13km running via deep forest to the Semuliki river. It is good place for birders. The round trip starts at 8am and takes almost 8hours

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