Cultural tours in Murchison falls National Park

Bomu women group is so creative in that they arranged and organized their campsite and they target visitors who travel to Murchison Falls National Park

Cultural Tours In Murchison falls National Park

Cultural tours in Murchison falls national park: The is one of the best national parks in Uganda covering over 4000 sq. km. The park has stunning wildlife species including animal and bird species and has got 3 main game track that offers the best spots where visitors can view the wildlife comfortably.

Murchison falls National Park is surrounded by people of different tribes that include the Acholi, Banyoro, and the Alur. The northeastern part of the park is dominated by the Acholi, the western is dominated by the Banyoro, and Alur people are located major in the northwestern part of the park. As a result of the park control measures, these people were relocated and they live within the boundaries of the park.

All these categories of people /tribes feature different cultural beliefs and traditions which you need to explore whenever you visit Murchison falls national park. One of the cultural villages is known as the Bamuko village/community living on the edges of Murchison falls national park. these people are traditional with rich in culture as they live in their grass thatched houses or huts and you can visit them, be entertained with their traditional performances among other activities.

Another interesting cultural group in Murchison falls National Park is the Boomu women group, a group that was established with 40 women and whose aim is to uplift the living standard of the women in the area. Visiting this group is interesting and you see their different activities, buy souvenirs, and where possible support them in any way. Through different cultural activities, these women have been able to raise money to educate their children and do their live hood activities.

Bomu women group is so creative in that they arranged and organized their campsite and they target visitors who travel to Murchison Falls National Park on budget and even when you have money, you can just use their services to support them. They do a lot of activities including performing cultural dance and drama to the visitors, making handcrafts from locally made items readily available including baskets, mats among others. You can be taught different items including how to cook local food at your request.

There are after you can be welcomed by the authentic traditional performances of the Alur tribe using locally made music instruments like the guitar to produce a musical sound. Come visit these local people and learn a lot from them including the historical perspectives and attachment of these tribes to the park. All these safaris are the best possible and comfortable by using Africa Adventure Vacations. Come and experience the wonders of Africa in Uganda’s Murchison Falls National Park.

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