Wildlife in Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo is comprised of several antelopes like duiker, topi, bohor reedbuck, oribi, and Klipspringer.

Wildlife In Lake Mburo National Park

Wildlife in Lake Mburo is widely and vast spread to the beautiful Savannah of the park. Animals in Lake Mburo are easy to be located or spotted. The park is found in Kiruhura distrisct and is close to Mbarara district. It is marked by ancient precambrian metamorphic rocks that date way back.

In all the Savannah national parks in Uganda, Lake Mburo is considered to be the smallest. Although the park is said to be small but it is amazing how it is filled with variety of wildlife.  Lake Mburo is comprised of several antelopes like duiker, topi, bohor reedbuck, oribi, and Klipspringer. You should know that lake mburo does not inhabit elephants. You commonly find large numbers of buffaloes in the park. Recently Rothschild’s giraffe was initiated in Lake Mburo. Leopards can also be found in Lake Mburo and are mostly encountered during the night.

There are beautiful lakes to tour and you get a chance to see hippos and crocodiles taking a sun bath and the current of wind blowing to them coming from the shores of the lake during boat cruise.

Seasonal climate changes have a great contribution towards the display of animals to be met when touring Lake Mburo. In dry season you will find animals gathered around lakes and other water holes around the park. Dry season months are like June-August and December-February. You will also see a group of animals during wet seasons in open valleys trying to receive cool their bodies so as to manage the bad weather conditions.

350 bird species are part of the wildlife in Lake Mburo and this is the reason why Lake Mburo is recommended for bird watching. Some of the birds watched are the African finfoot, rare shoe bill stork, brown parrot, tabora cisticola, papyrus yellow warbler, white headed barbet and among others.

68 mammal species surround the park. Some of the mammals found in the wildlife of Lake Mburo include hippos, zebras, bush buck, buffaloes, Lions, impala, waterbuck, giraffes, reedbuck and among others. They are always seen meandering around the park.

In Lake Mburo, you will also spot eland, Hyenas, impala, topis, waterbucks, Oribs, antelopes, leopards, and more.

Two primate species are found in Lake Mburo and they include baboons and vervet monkey. These primates have been of great importance towards the growth of wildlife in Lake Mburo. The presence of swamps is a land mark for the inhabiting of warthog, buffalos, bush pig, hippos and among others

You should also be aware of predators that are not friendly to human beings that can be encountered in the national park. Some of these predators are Leopards and hyenas. There are also midsized predators in the park and these include side-striped jackal and white tailed mongooses. There are also aquatic predators like the mighty African Crocodile and otters. These predators for sure present well the wildlife of Lake Mburo.

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