Visit The Democratic Republic Of Congo

Visiting DR. Congo is one of the amazing experiences which you will never forget in your life.

Why You Should Visit The Democratic Republic Of Congo?

Why you should visit the democratic republic of Congo? The democratic republic of Congo is the second-largest country and undiscovered jewels in Africa with water bodies, great culture, and beautiful green forest. Visiting DR. Congo is one of the amazing experiences which you will never forget in your life.

Congo is also known as the richest country in Africa in terms of minerals like cobalt, gold, and copper. DR. Congo is also mainly known as the second biggest country in the entire world to produce diamonds as well as producing cobalt. This is making it to be the second most industrialized in Africa after South Africa. Kisangani of the Orientale province is where mines are located. In the country, there are also other minerals and these include tin, Colton, and tantalum.

Visitors in DR. Congo visit the country mostly for tourism attractions. This is because the country is the home of few remaining species in the world such as the lowland gorillas, the endangered mountain gorillas, and the okapis. The major hotspots for tourism activities in DR. Congo are Sud kiva and Nud Kivu like Virunga national park which is among the three parks in the whole world that inhabit the remaining endangered mountain gorillas is found in the Nud Kivu. This country is known by most of the tourists in the whole world because of the mountain gorillas. Virunga mountain gorillas are very welcoming animals than that one of other parks and they are habituated in the group of about 41 members whom you may be able to spot on your visit. Visiting this group, costs 400USD per person each day.

The world’s lava lake which is at the top of mountain Nyiragongo is found in Virunga national park and other virunga volcanoes.

Tchegera Island is an island with black sand and it has 10 tented rooms. This place is good for tourists who love relaxation from the beach with less noise, it is mostly good in the evening after the trek. It is also the best place and highly recommended for honeymooners. Lake Kivu in DR. Congo is also an amazing experience whereby you can take a boat trip and enjoy its nature while doing bird watching.

Kahuzi Biega national park in Bukavu district is found in Sud Kivu. This park is located in DR. Congo where lowland gorillas are staying. The Democratic Republic of Congo is the only destination in Africa that inhabits both gorilla species that is mountain gorillas and lowland gorillas. In Africa, lowland gorillas are found in Congo, Gabon, Angola, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, and the Central Africa Republic. The lowland gorillas are big in number if compared to the mountain gorillas. When you visit Congo you will be able to spot both species because the country inhabits them and all costs 400USD per person. You can book with Africa Adventure Vacations for 4 days gorilla trekking trip package in Virunga national park and Kahuzi Biega national park and have a chance to visit both mountain gorillas and lowland gorillas.

When it comes to culture Congo has an amazing experiencing culture like their local dishes, you can also try to test it in the restaurants around but you have to take care because some food may be allergic to you.  The Congolese love their culture though there are some levels of westernization. You can do a community tour and interact with community members, learning their lifestyle as well as participating in their daily activities either physically or financially. Swahili, French, and Lingala are the common languages in DR. Congo.

If you’re planning to visit DR. Congo, prepare yourself as much as possible like checking with your embassy whether you are allowed to access the country, ensure you have a valid tourist visa that allows you to visit national parks or you want to explore other places in the country and you apply for an extended visa which is costs 220USD whereas tourists visa is for 105USD and this money allows to visit both Kahuzi Biega national park and Virunga national park. Another thing that is important when you’re planning a tour safari in Congo, a valid yellow card is important and it must be showing your full names because without this card you will be not allowed to enter the country until you get the shot so be ready.

You can get in touch with Africa Adventure Vacations and help you to process your DR. Congo VISA if you book a travel package.

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