Visiting Virunga National Park

Virunga National Park is a home for Mount Nyirangongo and it lies on 7,700 Sq. km.

Why Visit Virunga National Park

Why Visit Virunga National Park? Many people do not like visiting Virunga National Park due to the conflicts that were taking place in DRC. The park is full of amazing features and is a destination full of wonderful moments. There are some wonderful things to see in the Virunga National Park and these are some of them.

Virunga National Park is a home for Mount Nyirangongo and it lies on 7,700 Sq. km. The mountain is snowcapped and has glacier. The park is full of amazing animal species and is said to be the second in the world.

When you are in this very park, you will encounter the mountain gorillas and it’s considered to be the third in the population of mountain gorillas in the world. The remaining population is found in Uganda and Rwanda.

All the past, it has been that the park was closed but currently from 2013 was re-opened. From that time, the number of tourists has increased and this is good. This is a good place for passionate travelers and it is such a breath taking experience.

Another reason why visit virunga is that a drive goes for 3 hours and starts from Rwanda border and goes to Goma town where the park is accessed from. The best place is s good area to fly from since it is closer distance.

The road is amazing with amazing views of colorfully dressed men and women doing their daily activities.

You will have an opportunity to do mountain gorilla trekking and you will spend one hour with them. This hour is magic and most people dream of visiting this place and you will be among the winners when you reach at this place.

Rumangabo has various attractions such as chimpanzee watching, hikes to a coffee farm and also the sanctuary for orphaned gorillas which is unique in the world and has 4 young residents.

It is also found in the Nyirangongo’s striking distance. Try to check if the volcano trek is possible and if you get a chance, do not miss it out.

There are no international flights organized at Goma and to fly from Kinshasa to Goma on a domestic airline is not recommended.  But you can fly overnight from London to Nairobi on Kenya Airways which takes over 8hrs and you will catch the flight to Rwanda Kigali.

It is not good to use public transport in the eastern DR Congo. Depend on Virunga’s transport or you can use the tour operator vehicle or a reputable taxi company.

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